Dungeons And Dragons Warlock 5e Character, Explained

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Warlock 5e: Dungeons & Dragons
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Looking for a great Dungeons and Dragons character to play? The Warlock 5e — aka 5th edition, for any noobs out there — is a great class to try out for both beginners and DnD lifers. What makes Warlocks so special? There are a ton of factors, actually. To begin with, Dungeons and Dragons’ Warlocks are spellcasters, which already makes them more fun than your non-spellcasting classes. As an added bonus (for some anyway), warlocks are only given limited slots to hold said spells. In other words, while they might be limited in what they can do, it also means there’s less for a beginner to remember.

Embarking on a world of fantasy is always a good idea and entering a world of warlocks is as magical as it gets. However, the role of a warlock is a bit limited, so it’s important to understand pacts, spells, and characters so you can win. Warlock 5e spells carry quite the oomph, making them super-reliable in battle. Whatever damage they’re attempting to deal will most likely stick.

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Think you want to try a campaign or two as a Warlock? Keep reading, adventurers.

Warlock 5e Subclasses

Warlocks have patrons, which are often a bit like overlords or masters to their apprentice status. Because of this, Warlocks are given subclasses based on what kind of patron they have. Each subclass offers its own uniquely fun spin on being a Warlock. These are our favorite options.

Hexblade Warlock

Hexblade Warlocks have additional combat abilities thanks to their patrons. Their weapons attacks are specifically more dangerous because of their use of Charisma.


Those of the Fey races are known for being tricky and mischievous — although they typically have somewhat good intentions unless you’ve crossed them. With Archfey subclassification comes spells that involve more trickery and the art of surprise.

The Undying

Undying Warlocks have typically sworn to an undead master and, as such, come with extra abilities to stave off death for themselves and others.

The Celestial

This subclass adds the Cleric utility to your Warlock. This gives your Warlock the ability to heal, which can come in handy if there isn’t an actual cleric within your group.

The Paladin

The Warlock/Paladin characters often fight their dueling loyalties between a sacred oath and a darker motivating force. This can add a whole new set of concerns and even sidequests for your Warlock.

Warlock 5e Spells

As Dungeons and Dragons has expanded, warlocks have been given new spells to add to their small arsenal. Since you only have so many slots for usable spells, you’ll have to be strategic. These are some of the best options.

Hold Person/Hold Monster

Hold person (humans-only) and hold monster (anything but undead) paralyze targets unless they have enough Wisdom to save themselves.

Psychic Scream

Psychic scream unleashes a dog whistle-esque blast of noise into the heads of up to ten creatures, rendering them stunned.

Summon Greater Demon

Summon a powerful demon to do your bidding and damage your enemies. Of course, that demon could always turn on you. For Warlock Fiends, this spell fits the story well.

Dominate Monster

This gives Warlocks the chance to control an attacking monster and use them for their own pursuits.

Dimension Door

Gives you the ability to teleport within a 500-foot range (and take another friend with you). You don’t have to see the spot you want to teleport to, but your teleporting buddy does have to be your size or smaller.

Invisibility/Greater Invisibility

Allows you to be invisible and, thus, dodge any monster on your path. Keep in mind, though, that attempting to cast another spell while invisible will render your invisibility spell useless. You’ll be seen and once again susceptible to attack.

Chill Touch

This is a necromancy cantrip spell that you can use to create a skeleton hand to attack creatures within a 120-foot range. This hits your opponent with a literal chill from the grave, which causes 1d8 necrotic damage. Your enemy won’t be able to gain points back until your next turn. On the fifth level, the spell’s damage is 2d8, on the 11th it’s 3d8, and on the 17th level, it’s at 4d8.

Minor Illusion

This is an illusion cantrip spell that makes your opponents see and hear what you want them to. You can create an image or voice that either screams or whispers in your enemy’s ear like a buzzing mosquito. You can create muddy footprints or chairs in their path too. Both distractions can last for about a minute and throw off your opponent.



Let’s say you’re fighting a creature and you need some major help. Enthrall allows you to bring creatures of your choice, within earshot, to your aid. You can use this spell to make a Wisdom saving throw.

Misty step

Need a quick getaway? This spell surrounds you in silver mist and can teleport you at least 30 feet away. To teleport to the place you want, you must be able to see it.

Warlock Pacts 5e

Pacts are a big part of what makes a warlock, a warlock. They are integral to spell casting and unlocking new levels of power.


Users can use two cantrips from the warlock spell list. As you progress in the game, you can choose other warlock cantrips that are at higher levels. You can find this in the Cantrips Known column of the Warlock table.

Spell Slots

On the Warlock table, you can see the number of spell slots available to you. You can use them to cast your warlock spell from level one to five. On the table, you can see the level of each slot, but remember all of your spell slots are on the same level. If you want to cast a warlock spell that is first level or higher, you will have to increase or expend a spell slot. All expended spell slots are returned after you rest.

How do I make my Warlock 5e stronger?

Warlock 5e takes skill, but there are several tricks you can use to boost your power.

  • Make Charisma your highest score. Keep in mind your magical powers depend on your Charisma score. It’s important to make your character appealing so others are more likely to help you.
  • Be a Tiefling. They have a plus one to their intelligence and a plus-two to their Charisma. This works well for a Warlock and gives you a pretty cool backstory too.

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