What The Contents Of Your Diaper Bag Say About You

by Sarah Cottrell
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They say there are two kinds of people. They say you are what you eat. They even say that you can get a true read on a person based on the shoes she wears. When you’re a mom with a baby or toddler, a true measure of your mom style can be found by peeking into the contents of your diaper bag. In that roaming storage unit of baby gear are more clues about the way a mom thinks than a plate of bear claws or a pair of Toms could ever predict.

Never mind what the outside of the bag looks like. It could be a Boujee expensive leather bag with a Hermes scarf tied to the handles, or it could be a beaten-up backpack that saw you through college. What really gives away the inner workings of a mom can be found inside the bag. If we took a peek into your bag, which of these eight labels would describe you?

1. Hot Mess Mom

This bag is a tossed-together jumble of clothes that may or may not be clean, unopened fruit roll-ups, a sippy cup that has become a biohazard situation, a People magazine from three months ago, and Goldfish crackers ground into the seams.

2. Always On Time And Put Together Mom

Has this bag ever been used? Seriously, everything is exactly where it needs to be and includes essentials like sunscreen, small toys, a lunch bag, clean clothes, neatly folded diapers and a new pack of wipes. Who is this rare unicorn mom?

3. Survival Mode Mom

The diaper bag was traded in for a backpack two kids ago. Inside are a first aid kit, a tablet and small pile of toys, enough snacks to feed the entire neighborhood, and an emergency Starbucks card with $37 left on the balance.

4. Nomad Mom

This mom is always on the move, with a never-ending list of errands to run. Inside her diaper bag are receipts from Costco, the mail, a list of questions for the pediatrician, and a pair of gym sneakers her older child forgot during morning drop off.

5. Distraction Mom

Her diaper bag is more like a magical container of tricks to keep the kids distracted from shenanigans. Inside are coloring books, dried fruit that takes forever to gnaw on, hand puppets, and a book on the fascinating world of sharks.

6. In A Rush Mom

There is always something important missing from this bag. There will be diapers but no wipes. A change of pants but no top. Two left shoes. No socks.

7. Late For Work Mom

While trying to get out of the house on time, this mom will accidentally leave items meant for her in the bag. While dropping my kiddo off with the sitter, I once left my cell phone, a box of tampons, and my hairbrush in the bag. I managed to keep the diaper with me. Oops!

8. Pregnant Mom

In addition to the already stuffed bag of baby gear, the pregnant mom will also have an emergency donut, a bottle of water, a dog-eared copy of a book on pregnancy and labor, prenatal vitamins, and at least one wrapper from a granola bar or cheeseburger.

Peeking into my own bag reveals a blend of Survival Mode Mom and Distraction Mom with a dash of Hot Mess Mom thrown in for good measure. Just digging my way to the bottom of this bag is an archeological examination of the last 5 years of my life.

Oh! Look! I found my phone charger!

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