Spice Up Your BFF Zoom Chats With White Claw Slushies

by Valerie Williams
Spice Up Your BFF Zoom Chats With White Claw Slushies
Alex Victoria/Becca Trent/Emily Rieser/TikTok

White Claw Slushies are taking over TikTok and we’re totally good with it

They say necessity is the mother of invention but it also seems like boredom can motivate some folks to greatness, and that might be the reason we now have a recipe for White Claw Slushies. Yes, you read that right. It’s the quarantine treat we deserve.

TikTok is not new, but it’s having a real moment while millions of people are stuck at home without much else to do besides replicate trendy dances and share fun cocktail recipes. Bless. White Claw had its big breakout moment last summer when Claw Law took hold and kind of never left, but now that we’re not carting a case of the Claw to the beach, we’re doing our drinking at home. Thankfully, TikTok users have found a way to jazz up that magic can and turn it into something a lot more interesting — and tasty.

Behold — White Claw Slushies.

The beauty of this “recipe” is that it’s kind of just a jumping-off point for whatever you’re into flavor-wise. Start with your favorite White Claw flavor (or whatever happens to be the flavor in your fridge — desperate times and all), select a fruit, fresh or frozen, and pick a liquor. Vodka appears to be the most common “spicy” add-in, but rum and tequila can work too. Mix them all together, hit “start,” and voila. White Claw Slushie.

My personal favorite is this Claw, Tito’s, and strawberry blend. Refreshing AF.

We are truly only limited by our own imaginations — and what’s on hand at the grocery stores during this time of global pandemic.

TBH, that’s what makes this recipe so magical. It’s versatile and you can keep things interesting with various fruit/Claw/liquor combos. If you can’t get ahold of liquor, just White Claw and fruit makes a tasty frozen beverage. Speaking of frozen — adding a few ice cubes can obviously up the froze quotient if that’s what you’re into. Or if you have fresh fruit instead of frozen and want your drink to be more tropical-y.

So the next time your girl crew wants to Zoom N Sip, you know what to do — fire up the blender and get creative.