Whitney Port Reveals She Has Had A Miscarriage

Jamie McCarthy/Getty

The Hills star Whitney Port revealed she suffered a miscarriage after sharing her rough road to pregnancy

Shortly after revealing that her pregnancy was still “touch and go” during the first trimester, Whitney Port has shared that she suffered a miscarriage. The Hills: New Beginnings star made the devastating announcement on social media, sharing on Instagram Stories that she found out on Tuesday she’d “lost the baby.”

“I’m so sad to say this, and some of you may have watched on our latest YouTube episode, but we lost the baby,” she wrote. “We found out yesterday, I don’t even really know what to say here. I recorded a full verbal diary of all my thoughts and emotions last night that I’ll put out on my podcast next week.”

Whitney Port/Instagram

“Sending all my love to those of you dealing with this right now,” she continued. And I don’t want to be insensitive by making light of it, but glass half full — I don’t physically feel like complete sh*t anymore,” she concluded.

Port, who provides hilarious recaps of her time on reality TV with husband Tim Rosenman on her YouTube channel, shared the most recent recap, which was filmed before she found out she’d miscarried. “Tough video today,” wrote Rosenman in the video’s description. “We found out yesterday that the pregnancy is not viable. We are pretty upset but have been through this before and will be ok. We did not know at the time of filming and still wanted to get this out to you guys today.”

The mom of one has been open about her fertility journey, sharing that she’s experienced multiple losses, including a chemical pregnancy (also known as a biochemical pregnancy, this early pregnancy loss happens when an egg gets fertilized but the embryo never fully implants in the uterus) and two previous miscarriages.

In a previous YouTube video posted earlier this month, she shared, “I’m currently 7 weeks pregnant, which is supposed to be obviously really exciting, and it has been up until yesterday. I have been going to the doctor and monitoring it, because of my history with miscarriages. I’ve had two miscarriages and a chemical pregnancy. And everything was looking good up until yesterday.”

Port’s doctor told her that her pregnancy wasn’t progressing the way it should be, adding, “this is likely another unhealthy pregnancy. It’s such a huge part of our lives right now, and it affects everything, physically and mentally and everything that we do.”

It takes tremendous strength and bravery to share such painful and personal information on a public platform, but Port said she does so with the hopes that others who have suffered pregnancy loss can feel open to talk about their experiences, too. Our hearts are with her as she heals and mourns this loss.