Why You Need This Must-Have Skin Care Tool


Staying on top of the beauty trends can feel like a full-time job, but if you’re like me, it brings you great pleasure so you don’t mind carving out part of your week to do “research.”

As of late, you may have heard of a jade roller, a little facial tool that looks pretty sitting on your makeup table or nightstand. These rollers are gaining popularity in the U.S. right now, but they aren’t new. Jade has been used as a massaging and meditation tool for over 5,000 years, and some say it can even get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, and if you feel a zit coming on, I heard you can just roll that sucker out like pie dough.

It’s also used to reduce puffiness and rid your skin of toxins by rolling it all over your face and neck area.

Sarah Hyland went viral earlier this year, discussing how she uses a face roller to treat the “moon face” — a common side effect of taking steroid medications.

The smaller end is good for under your eyes, and the bigger end is good for cheeks, jawline, and under the neck.

I figured, I spend enough money and time trying to fight all my puffiness and heal pimples, so why not add something else into the mix? Besides, I’m kind of a sucker for sodium, which leads to a swollen face, so I’ll take all the help I can get because Lord knows I’m not giving up my weekly sushi date.

Jennifer Stoeckert is a holistic facialist and told The Huffington Post the tool can “stimulate the lymphatic system and lymphatic drainage throughout the face,” with its gentle massaging motion.

She had me at stimulation, and really, who the hell doesn’t want a face massage? I’m in.

When my new roller-friend arrived in the mail last week, I was beyond excited. You can find this little gem starting at $8 and up.

I’ve been leaving mine in the freezer and as soon as I wake up, I grab it and start gently rolling my puffy eyes, while I feed the dog and kids with my other hand.

This not only feels good, it works. It doesn’t take long for my face (especially my eyes) to calm the fuck down a bit. Score!

It’s important to note you do not need to press down hard while doing this — a gentle massaging motion will do. I like to start under my eyes, because they need it the most. You use the small end, and start at the edge of your nose, and move towards your ears.


Then, start in the middle of your forehead (don’t forget to swipe those 11s), and massage towards your temples.


Next, move to your cheeks using the bigger end and roll towards your ears, working all the way down to your jaw — don’t skip this part, because it feels amazing. We put our jaws through a lot with all the chewing and jaw-clenching and yelling, so give it some extra love. Start at the chin and move towards your ears.


Don’t forget that neck. Start below your ears, avoiding the carotid artery (your pulse point), and remember to be very gentle as you roll down. You can even work on your collar bone.


I’ve only been using mine a few days, and while I have not seen a difference in my fine lines, it definitely works for the swelling, so it’s already paid for itself. Plus, if I feel a pimple forming, I can take some of the inflammation down gently with the cold roller.

No matter what your skin care routine looks like, this is a great thing to add — inexpensive, feels amazing and only takes a few minutes.

Not to mention how chic it looks next to all your other lotions and potions.