Amy Schumer Is Every Mom Wanting To Freeze Time

by Valerie Williams
Amy Schumer Is Every Mom Wanting To Freeze Time
Amy Schumer/Instagram

Amy Schumer is all moms desperate to hit the pause button on their baby growing up

As the mom of two tweens, I often find myself wishing I could hit “rewind” and hold them again as little babies or chubby toddlers. Those sweet months and years go by far too quickly and before you know it, your velcro toddler who even wanted to be near you while you pooped is a big kid horrified to even admit he has a mom let alone a mom he hugs. Amy Schumer gets it and posted a sweet photo with a caption every mom will relate to.

“I don’t want this age to end HELP!” she writes, alongside a photo of herself holding baby Gene in a swimming pool. His adorable toddler chub and the way he’s clinging to his momma has my ovaries in spasms. She’s not wrong — it’s truly a wonderful age, albeit an exhausting one.


It seems Schumer is a wise one recognizing how precious her son’s current phase is before it’s over. Maybe it’s because my kids are only 19 months apart and I was too busy losing sleep, chasing a toddler, and cluster-feeding a newborn to appreciate how amazing that time really is, but I don’t recall thinking too often that I didn’t want it to end. Looking back, I would give anything to hold my kids at the age Schumer’s son is now.

I mean, look at him. Adorable doesn’t even begin to touch it.


To say Schumer is enjoying motherhood is an understatement if her Instagram posts about it are any indication. She’s having a blast being a momma to adorable Gene.


She’s also working on giving him a sibling. Schumer’s recently shared that she’s working through IVF and in true Amy fashion, she’s being extremely open about the whole process.


But clearly, she’s into loving every moment with Gene while he’s an only baby.


Kudos to Amy for reminding us to cherish these brief phases before they’re over. It can be hard keeping that in mind when all we want to do is poop alone.