Amy Schumer Shares Mom 'Guilt And Vulnerabilities' In Sweet Instagram Post

by Lauren Levy
amy schumer talks mom guilt

Amy Schumer got real about the emotional extremes moms face in a raw message on Instagram

Leave it to Amy Schumer to go deep and keep things real. There are certain personal things that she’s been very vocal and open about over the years: her fertility and health struggles, her husband’s autism, and her post-kid sex life struggles. But one area that she tends to keep private? Photos of 2-year-old son, Gene. But this weekend Schumer shared a rare snap of her with her toddler on Instagram along with an equally notable message on motherhood.

“Being his mom is heaven on earth and also means a constant feeling of guilt and vulnerability I will never get used to,” the comedian and actor captioned the photo, which used a heart emoji to protect her son’s privacy while still giving fans a glimpse into her world as a mom.

“Your heart feels like it’s outside your body and you’re too old to drink the feelings away like you used to,” she added. “When you were in love and scared. Send help!!! ❤️🎀🤮😻🥒”

The raw sentiment resonated with others who can easily relate to this powerful dynamic after becoming a parent. It was quickly met with an outpouring of support from both fans and fellow celebrities.

“Every deep feeling you thought you felt in your past is totally SQUASHED by the love meets total terror for your kids!!!! I get it!!!!!!!!!” wrote Carnie Wilson. “But the blessing of laughing with them and seeing them turn into their own self is remarkable!!!”

“Yep, that’s exactly how it is and feels. It’s beautiful and terrifying 💛,” wrote Tan France from Queer Eye.

“Omg it’s how I feel every day I drop him off at preschool @amyschumer 😢,” added Amanda Kloots.

“All of this is true,” wrote Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

“I’m not a Mom but as an Auntie I hear from my Sisters and sounds like you are right on track with it all. Ahhh, the love ❤️ The guilt too…” commented singer Debbie Gibson. “But, try to drop that girl cuz all of you Moms are doing the most awe inspiring job by virtue of the fact that you are doing it ! ❤️ Amazing pic. ENJOY!”

“Amen. 😍,” added America Ferrera.

“There’s no cure. ❤️,” noted Debra Messing.

Schumer and her husband Chris Fischer welcomed their first child, Gene David, in May 2019. And she (as well as her sex life) hasn’t been spared from the ups and downs that come with motherhood. However, it’s with the unwavering support from Fischer that Schumer gets through, which is a sentiment she shared while celebrating their toddler’s second birthday. “I woke up emotional as hell thinking about my husband, Chris,” she captioned the birthday tribute on May 5, 2021. “In this first photo while I was having a 3 hour c section he held my hand and stared in my eyes so I never felt alone. I feel loved and supported always. He takes care of our family and is a husband and father beyond my wildest dreams. Also he has autism spectrum disorder.”

Schumer then used the opportunity to raise awareness for autism and to break the stigma associated with this diagnosis. And with her most recent post, she’s again trying to shatter stereotypes and get real about another “taboo” subject — this time calling out the complex emotional extremes that moms can feel all at the exact same time.