Ashley Graham Flaunts Her Armpit Hair In Body-Pos Razor Ad

Ashley Graham/Instagram

Ashley Graham teamed up with Flamingo after getting “lazy” about shaving her armpits in quarantine, reminding us all that having body hair — and removing it (or not!) — is all good

For some reason, body hair — and the many ways to remove it — remains a societal stronghold held over women, who are expected to have thick beautiful hair on our heads but stay smooth and follicle-free everywhere else… despite the fact that body hair in all its forms is a fully normal human physical feature.

After posting a series of Instagram selfies that happened to show off her armpit hair, Ashley Graham received a ton of hate in the comments section of her post, all because she had visible underarm hair and dared to display it publicly.

So in a true case of “making lemonade out of lemons,” the supermodel decided to team up with Flamingo to design a razor along with other body care and hair removal must-haves. Flamingo’s Ashley Graham Collection includes three custom sets with essentials like a vibrant red razor, an exfoliating mitt, shaving gel, lotion, large and medium waxing strips, and more. But Graham reminds us all that whatever we choose to do with our body hair — whether we shave, wax, laser, keep it all, remove some of it sometimes, change our minds — is all good.

In the joyful ad for Graham’s new goodies, she can be seen in the bathroom, contorting her body and doing all the things one does when waxing or shaving — getting in to all those little crevices, twisting ourselves into a human pretzel to wax the tops of our feet, shave our toes, and get every last bit of product onto (and off of) our knees, armpits, and all those other hard-to-reach areas. And yes, she waxes her underarms and proudly flaunts the very satisfying results on that strip.

Graham released a YouTube vlog to discuss how her partnership with Flamingo came about, sharing that the company reached out to her after she posted the flawless armpit hair-revealing selfie in March. “Flamingo called me and said, ‘hey, we love that you don’t need to shave your armpits and you can shave ’em whenever you want, you don’t want to shave your bikini line, you want to shave your bikini line, you want to wax your big toe, I’m into all of it. And they are just such a great company and they said, let’s make a razor together.” And so, a new project was born.

The behind-the-scenes clip shows the making of a razor ad, including a body double and fake hair to get Graham’s armpit hair “more crackin'” as she explained.

Graham has been unfailingly honest about all kinds of stuff in regards to her body, revealing on Instagram Stories prior to the pandemic that she didn’t shave her armpits during her pregnancy with her son, Isaac, in 2019.

You can pick up Graham’s curated Flamingo collection either online or in Target stores (where you’ll likely see her unretouched ads, which got the Graham stamp of approval), with the mom-of-one sharing her TL:DR body hair philosophy in a statement on Flamingo’s website. “My philosophy has always been: shave what you want, wax what you want, leave what you want —do what works for you.”