11 Astronaut Coloring Pages So Cool You'll Wanna Do The Moonwalk

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Astronaut Coloring Pages
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When you ask a group of elementary school students what they want to be when they grow up, chances are a large majority will say “astronaut.” And, really, can you blame them? Outer space is infinitely fascinating and a constant, humbling reminder that the universe is far more vast than we often assume. So, astronaut coloring pages aren’t just a stellar activity to keep the boredom away — they’re also ideal conversation starters to further your discussion on space.

Another reason to obsess over astronaut coloring pages? They give you a super-cool excuse to break out some colors you might not normally use. Sure, space suits aren’t the most exciting of work uniforms, but it’s a great chance to use grays and silvers, off-whites, and navy blues. You can also encourage your kid to design their own personal astronaut spacesuit. NASA may not utilize hot pink or mint green in their designs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t.

Regardless, these astronaut coloring pages are sure to keep everyone in the family entertained for a few hours. Once you finish these, you can float on over to our rocket coloring pages, solar system coloring pages, and alien coloring pages. And if you’re feeling extra bold, why not try making a DIY water rocket?

Free Astronaut Coloring Pages

Astronaut No. 1

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Can dogs go to space? Not really. They’ve tried, but it hasn’t been very successful. That said, the answer is a resounding “yes” when it comes to this coloring page. And that’s because astronaut coloring pages aren’t necessarily about logistics — they’re about having fun. We recommend naming this planet-trotting pup “Laika” after the first dog to make it into orbit. And here’s a factoid that’ll make your kiddo smile: The word astronaut comes from the Greek words “astron nautes”, which means star sailor. Pretty neat, huh?

Astronaut No. 2

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Ever think about what it must be like for astronauts to float in space? It’s likely a bit terrifying. However, you’d never guess based on the smile on this guy’s face. He’s just happy to have a view outside of his spaceship. Fun fact: When an astronaut is gearing up to go into space, they take courses in military survival to math courses. They are truly trained for the impossible.

Astronaut No. 3

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Now, this astronaut shouldn’t be so confident. After all, it’s unclear whether or not they’re still attached to their shuttle! Kids can have a blast with this drawing by deciding whether the character will look panicked or filled with glee. Filling in the background can give the scene a bit more context, too. Are there colorful planets around? Is Laika the space dog floating by? Tell your kiddo to use their imagination. Did you know the average high-grade astronauts are paid 104,898 and $161,141 per year? That’s a pretty decent salary!

Astronaut No. 4

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We’ve never been there before, but we suspect space — like all things — is more fun if you explore it with a friend. These two young astronauts have suits that look similar to the original Rainbow Brite, so feel free to color them in similarly to make this picture pop. Fun fact: Pooping in space is more work than most people think. In order to have a mess-free experience, astronauts must actually strap themselves down to the toilet seat to keep anything from floating away!

Astronaut No. 5

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Is this astronaut doing the limbo? Or, perhaps, strapped into his ship upon liftoff? Only you can decide, dear coloring page fan. Feel free to print out multiple copies of this sheet to see what everyone envisions this astronaut doing.

Astronaut No. 6

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To infinity and beyond! This space explorer looks quite confident, don’t you think? Consider shading the astronaut in grays and blacks while making the stars bright, bold colors like pink and yellow. You’ll end up with a dramatic color contrast that’d look great hanging on the fridge.

Astronaut No. 7

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Our best bet? This astronaut is getting ready for their first mission. Here’s an interesting fact: An estimated 600 million people tuned in to see Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin become the first people to walk on the moon.

Astronaut No. 8

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There are tons of female astronauts to idolize — Sally Ride, Anne McClain, and Stephanie Wilson are all worth researching. Fun fact: Ride was the youngest American to travel into space! And shockingly, only just over 60 women have been to space. If you have a young female astronaut in the making, coloring pages like this may give them some more inspiration.

Astronaut No. 9

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Design this flag any way you want. You can color it to look like the American flag, or you can get creative and make your own family-crest flag. And while you’re at it, file this under things you never realized: There’s an American flag on the moon, and it had to be designed for the moon’s atmosphere. Since the moon has no atmosphere, a standard flag can’t fly the same way it would on Earth.

Astronaut No. 10

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Talk about a pose of victory! Not too many people can say they’ve walked on the moon before. Thus, this astronaut has a reason to be victorious. And aren’t you just loving all the girl power on this coloring page? Did you know that the first Black woman to travel into space was Mae Jemison? She boarded the space shuttle Endeavour in 1992.

Astronaut No. 11

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Once NASA builds shrink-ray technology, astronauts may be able to pull off this move. If we had an ocean that was big enough to fit Saturn, it would float because it’s mostly made of gas.

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