20+ Traditional Chinese Boy Names And Their Meanings: Chinese Names

20+ Chinese Boy Names That Are A Mix Of Modern And Traditional

August 24, 2020 Updated September 25, 2020

Joshua Reddekopp/Unsplash

If you’re looking for inspiration in your search for baby names, check out our list of the top baby names for boys, girls, as well as unisex options. Perhaps you’re on the search for short one-syllable names for girls and boys, or maybe nicknames as first names for your little Ace — we got those too.

Naming your baby is one of the biggest decisions you make as a parent. So many other decisions have limited choices. Naming, though, feels almost limitless. Even if you choose to stick to names from your family heritage, that’s often not as easy as just one heritage. More times than not, each parent has family from multiple countries and cultures. How do you mix an Irish background with a Mexican heritage? And what if you’re looking for a more traditional Chinese name while also incorporating your more contemporary tastes? The fun aspect of naming your precious baby boy can suddenly become overwhelming.

Luckily, we’re here to make it just a tiny bit easier. Whether you choose to follow Chinese naming customs or not is up to you. We’re just here to offer some popular names with meaningful Chinese roots. These names are a mix of the most popular names as well as ones we thought just had really cool meanings. We bet you’ll find something here to love.

1. An

Your baby is your treasure, right? Going with “An” says exactly that.

2. Bao

Similar to An, Bao means “gem.” It’s a bold choice, but we’re sure your little buddy will grow into it perfectly.

3. Chao

Looking for a name that symbolizes just how extraordinary you think your little boy will be? Chao means “excellent” and we think it’s an excellent choice.

4. Cheng

Hey world travelers! Cheng means “journey” and is a great option if you’re hoping your baby boy follows in your footsteps.

5. Da

You expect your son to accomplish great things. Why not start him off on the right foot with a name that suggests just that?

6. Feng

Feng is another solid option for boys with adventurous parents. With a name that means “summit,” your boy named Feng will climb and conquer plenty of mountains.

7. Hai

Coincidentally, your travels might have also taken you across oceans and to many gorgeous, exotic beaches. Hai means “coming from the sea.”

8. Jia

While many parents give birth not just to babies but to lofty dreams for said tiny humans, others are a bit more realistic. If all you want for your son is to know he’ll grow up to be a kind person, Jia is an excellent name for him. It means, simply, “Good.”

9. Jian

Of course, if you’re hoping your son has a stronger personality, the similar-sounding Jian means “Man of strength.”

10. Jiao-long

Can babies look like dragons? While we’ve never seen a dragon-esque baby before, we still love that there’s a name to imply such a phenomenon.

11. Jin

The very popular name “Huang” means yellow. If there’s a Huang in your family already, you could one up them with Jin, which means “Gold.” And, of course, the color gold holds tons of meaning in Chinese culture.

12. Kang

If you had a rough pregnancy, you’re probably just hoping for a healthy son. If so, Kang means “healthy” and might just be the push your baby needs to stay just that: healthy.

13. Kuo

Channel your inner Buzz Lightyear with Kuo’s “limitless” meaning. Teach your little one that nothing can stop him. To infinity and beyond!

14. Ping

If you name your children using characteristics you hope they mimic or inherit, Ping might be a great choice for a child born into a family in need of some quiet. It means, “peace.”

15. Shen

Looking to encourage a kiddo to appreciate your religion like you do? “Shen” might be the way to go, as it means “extremely spiritual.”

16. Sheng

And if you’re raising a little wolf of Wall Street? The similar-sounding “sheng” will encourage success.

17. Song

Meanwhile, “song” can also encourage that “alpha male” type of personality thanks to it’s “strong and powerful” meaning.

18. Xing

If you’re set on raising a “thriving” or “successful” baby boy and want a name that says as much, this one is another excellent option.

19. Xing-fu

Babies are typically pretty happy creatures, anyway. You can, however, try to coax that temperament on into the teenage years and adulthood with Xing-fu which means “joyful” and “happy.”

20. Yat-sen

A new addition to the family is reason to celebrate! Keep the party alive by naming your son Yat-sen, which can mean “festival” or “celebration.”

21. Zhao

Remind your little boy how wonderful he is every single day by naming him Zhao, which translates to “excellent.”

22. Jiang

Let your sweet boy be the babbling brook in your life as the name Jiang means “a flowing river at constant speed.”