90+ Witch Names Perfect For Your Enchanting New Baby

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Naming your baby is a personal journey. Often times we want our kids’ names to represent our heritage, interests, or goals. If you’re into all things magical and mystical, that might include witch names. Maybe you’re getting ready to birth a magical baby, or, perhaps, you just like Halloween and want to amp up the mystery behind your baby, due in late October or early November? Whatever your reason (even if it’s no reason at all), you’re here because you’re looking for a witchy name and we have a ton of them.

First, a note about witches. While most people hear the term “witch” and think of Salem, it’s important to remember that nearly all cultures have legends involving some form of “witch” or “sorcerer.” Not all witches are bad, either. Many women who were good with nature or had a head for natural remedies were considered witches (or “witch doctors“) in their community. No caldrons. No black cats. Not even a trip to Ollivander’s. (We see you, Potterheads.) Just simple home remedies or green thumbs would often warrant the “witch” slur. These days, witches real and fictional are more welcomed in our society. They’re seen more as mystical than menacing, intriguing not eery. If you’re looking to conjure a little magic for your sweet babe (or maybe just a cat or a plant), any of these witchy baby names will suffice. They’re all steeped in myth, lore, and the paranormal but nothing you’ll instantly regret.

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Girls Names


A Greek sorceress. Allegra Italian, meaning “joyful or lively.” Althea Healer. Amethyst Purple stone believed to bring wisdom and protection, especially to travelers. Andromeda Ruler of men. Aradia Legendary Italian witch. Asteria Star-like. Aura/Aurelia An energy field (“Wind” in Greek). Beatrix Latin, derived from Viatrix, meaning “voyager.” Blaise Like Slytherin Blaise Zabini in Harry Potter; also like St. Blaise, the patron saint of wild animals. Cassandra Soothsayer/seer. Celeste Heavenly. Cerridwen Welsh enchantress. Circe Means “bird,” is an enchantress in Greek mythology. Cordelia Welsh, “Jewel of the sea.” Endora Like the mom from Bewitched. Erzulie A Vodou spirit associated with love, health, and sexual power. Evanora Greek, “Gift from God.” Fiona Has Scottish origins and means “white” or “fair.” Freya Norse Goddess. Gaia Mother Earth. Helena Greek for “bright and shining light.” Lilith According to Hebrew mythology, she was Adam’s first wife and is often associated with goddesses and night demons. Luna The moon. Marisole Sea and sun. Minerva The Roman goddess of wisdom. Has Latin roots and means, “The mind.” Morgan As in Morgan Le Fay, from Arthurian legend. Ophelia Greek, “Helper.” Rhiannon Welsh goddess; Popular name among Fleetwood Mac fans. Selene Greek goddess of the moon. Strega Italian for “witch.” Tabitha Witch from Bewitched, means “beauty and grace” in Hebrew. Theodosia Greek origins, meaning “God’s gift.” Ursula Latin, “She-bear.”

Boys Names


“Raven” in multiple Celtic languages… and everyone knows ravens are directly connected to magic. Bruxo Portugese for “wizard.” Cedar Ancient tree known for giving wisdom. Charon Boatman on the River Styx. Corvus Raven. DrakeDragon” or “Snake Monster” in Old Norse. Foster Forest guardian. Giles One of the actual male “witches” hung at Salem. Gwyndion Welsh trickster and magician. Herne A horned God. Jareth The Goblin King, Labyrinth. Jinx A trick or curse. Lumin Light. Mage Another word for “magician.” Magnus “Great” in Latin or “powerhouse” in Old Norse. Merlin Sorcerer from Arthurian legend. Morpheus God of dreams and sleep. Nelwyn From Willow, whose main character was a Nelwyn. Orion An archer from Greek mythology. Puck Mischievous forest sprite from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Qiang Chinese for “powerful.” Radagast The Brown Wizard. Rowan The Rowan tree is often thought to be mystical in Celtic lore. Velho Finnish for “wizard.” Woden Anglo-Saxon for “Chief God.”

Names From Harry Potter


Draco Fleur Ginny Harry Hermione Lavender Lily Lucius Luna Minerva Narcissa Neville Nymphadora Pansy Ron Rowena Seamus Severus Sirius Sybill Viktor

More Pop Culture Witch Names

Agatha (Halloweentown)

Ambrose (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) Bonnie (The Vampire Diaries) Cordelia (AHS: Coven) Hilda (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) Kai (The Vampire Diaries) Myrtle (AHS: Coven) Sabrina (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) Sarah (The Craft) Winnifred (Hocus Pocus)

Other “Famous” Witches

Catherine Monvoisin

Known as La Voisin. Based on the rumors, it sounds like La Voisin really just practiced medicine at a higher level than most “doctors” of her time. Nonetheless, thanks to her penchant for fortune-telling and giving abortions, she was deemed a witch and burned at the stake.

Catherine – Pure, clear Voisin – Neighbor

Alice Kyteler

The first woman convicted of witchcraft in Ireland. Suspicions were raised after a fourth husband died of possible poisoning. Cool-ish story, though: Alice escaped before they could execute her. She disappeared in the night and was never seen, again.

Alice – Noble, Exalted

Marie Laveau

A Voodoo priestess from, where else, New Orleans, Louisiana. Her tomb in NOLA is covered in X’s. Why? Many people believed that if you left an X on her tomb and told her what you were wishing for, her spirit would return and grant your wish. Fun fact: She had a snake named Zombi, after an African God.

Marie – Beloved Zombi – Snake God

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