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20+ Wild Wolf Baby Names Rooted In Global Folklore

Throughout history and across the globe, wolves have featured prominently in storytelling and lesson giving. The Turkish hold wolves in high regards, believing a wolf is the father of the Turkic tribes. In Scotland, the goddess Cailleach rode through the land on a wolf while carrying a hammer and wand made of human flesh. She was fierce and wild — a protector of wild things. The Cherokee even have a lore about the dog and the wolf that tells the story of how the dog became domesticated (he liked keeping warm by the man-made fire) and the wolf remained wild (he liked the cold of the mountain). No matter where you go in this world, the people of the land have stories of the wolves that live around them.

It makes sense, then, that so many people are fascinated by wolves and aim to name their children after these fierce and powerful creatures. Wolves are seen as highly intelligent and fiercely devoted to family. They’ve also exhibited signs of empathy in that the pack only ever goes as fast as its oldest, slowest member. Who wouldn’t hope and pray that their kiddo inherits those same traits? You could easily choose a name from your Chinese or Irish heritage. However, if you feel a strong draw to the wolves of the world, you might find yourself wondering about names with wolf-bound meanings. Names like Lupe or Lupita are feminine spins on Guadalupe and refer to the “valley of the wolves.” Meanwhile, the name Accalia comes from Greek mythology where she served as foster mother to Romulus and Remus. The names we’ve collected here span multiple heritages and explore both sides of the wolf’s persona: caring and wild.