55+ Popular Greek Last Names/Surnames with Spellings and Meanings

55+ Greek Last Names To Fill You With The Strength Of The Gods

December 29, 2019 Updated April 22, 2021

Greek Last Names

Last names are great bridges between a family‘s past and present. Greek last names come from a country of an elaborate history and a culture so rich, it has remained strong from generation to generation. Some stem from ancient times when Greek mythology was going strong, while others show signs of the emergence of Christianity in Greece. Several derive from Hebrew given names.

We’ve compiled a list of popular Greek surnames that showcase various points in the country’s history. Read on to see the meaning behind these last names and their Greek spellings.

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  1. Drakos
    Greek spelling: Δράκων
    Meaning: Dragon or ogre.
  2. Servopoulos
    Greek spelling: Σερβόπουλος
    Meaning: Son of a Serb.
  3. Papadopoulos
    Greek spelling: Παπαδόπουλος
    Meaning: Son of a priest.
  4. Galanis
    Greek spelling: Γαλανής
    Meaning: Someone with light blue eyes.
  5. Lykaios
    Greek spelling: Λιάκαιος
    Meaning: Wolf.
  6. Danielopoulos
    Greek spelling: Δανιτόπουλος
    Meaning: Son of Daniel.
  7. Christodoulopoulos
    Greek spelling: Χριστοδουλόπουλος
    Meaning: Descendant of Christ’s servant.
  8. Aetos
    Greek spelling: Αετός
    Meaning: Eagle.
  9. Moustakas
    Greek spelling: Μουστάκας
    Meaning: A person with a mustache.
  10. Papadakis
    Greek spelling: Παπαδάκης
    Meaning: Father or priest (with ‘akis’ suffix stemming from Crete).

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  11. Georgiou
    Greek spelling: Γεωργίου
    Meaning: Wife or kin of Georgios.
  12. Ioannou
    Greek spelling: Ιωάννου
    Meaning: Child of John.
  13. Demetriou
    Greek spelling: Δημητρίου
    Meaning: Child or follower of Demeter, the Greek goddess of fertility.
  14. Bakirtzis
    Greek spelling: Βακιρτζής
    Meaning: Coppersmith.
  15. Hasapis
    Greek spelling: Χασάπης
    Meaning: Butcher.
  16. Chloros
    Greek spelling: Χλώρος
    Meaning: Green.
  17. Angelopoulos
    Greek spelling: Αγγελόπουλος
    Meaning: Son of the messenger/angel.
  18. Iraklidis
    Greek spelling: Ηρακλίδης
    Meaning: Son of Hercules.
  19. Papazoglou
    Greek spelling: Παπάζογλου
    Meaning: Priest’s son.
  20. Doukas
    Greek spelling: Δούκας
    Meaning: Duke or lord.
  21. Florakis
    Greek spelling: Φλωράκης
    Meaning: ‘Flor’ referring to a flower, blossom, or virginity, with the ‘akis’ suffix stemming from Crete.
  22. Adamos
    Greek spelling: Αδάμος
    Meaning: Son of Adam.
  23. Andino
    Greek spelling: Αντίνο
    Meaning: Manly.
  24. Ariti
    Greek spelling: Αρίτη
    Meaning: Approahcbale, generous, and friendly.
  25. Argyros
    Greek spelling: Αργυρός
    Meaning: Silvery.
  26. Baros
    Greek spelling: Μπάρος
    Meaning: Happy, clay, or lucky.
  27. Bouras
    Greek spelling: Μπόρας
    Meaning: A woolen cloth, coarse and reddish-brown with long hair or someone who worked in the wool trade.
  28. Castellanos
    Greek spelling: Καστελάνου
    Meaning: Castle.
  29. Chaconas
    Greek spelling: Chaconas
    Meaning: An inhabitant of the eastern side of Peloponnese.
  30. Christoforou
    Greek spelling: Χριστοφόρου
    Meaning: One who is bearing Christ.
  31. Condos
    Greek spelling: Condos
    Meaning: Short.
  32. Cirillo
    Greek spelling:
    Meaning: Lord or masterful.
  33. Diakos
    Greek spelling: Διάκος
    Meaning: Deacon.
  34. Diamandis
    Greek spelling: Διαμαντής
    Meaning: Diamonds.
  35. Dougenis
    Greek spelling: Ντουγκένης
    Meaning: Slave or servant.
  36. Drivas
    Greek spelling: Δρίβες
    Meaning: Tree.
  37. Economos
    Greek spelling: Οικονομός
    Meaning: Steward.
  38. Eliades
    Greek spelling: Ηλιάδης
    Meaning: Comes from the biblical name Elais.
  39. Elias
    Greek spelling:
    Meaning: Jehovah of God or Lord of God.
  40. Eliopoulos
    Greek spelling: Ελιόπουλος
    Meaning: Nestling.
  41. Filo
    Greek spelling: Φίλο
    Meaning: The horse’s friend.
  42. Fotos
    Greek spelling: Φωτο
    Meaning: Light.
  43. Frangopoulos
    Greek spelling: Φραγκόπουλος
    Meaning: Descendant of a Frank.
  44. Gabris
    Greek spelling: Γκάμπρης
    Meaning: Derives from the name Gabriel.
  45. Galatas
    Greek spelling: Γαλατάς
    Meaning: Someone who comes from a family that sells milk.
  46. Gataki
    Greek spelling: Γατάκι
    Meaning: Kitten.
  47. Halkias
    Greek spelling: Χαλκιάς
    Meaning: Coppersmith.
  48. Hasapi
    Greek spelling: Χασάπι
    Meaning: Butcher.
  49. Hondros
    Greek spelling: Ονδρος
    Meaning: Fat.
  50. Iordanou
    Greek spelling: Ιορδάνου
    Meaning: Flow down or descend.
  51. Kallis
    Greek spelling: Κάλις
    Meaning: Best.
  52. Kappas
    Greek spelling: Κάππας
    Meaning: Large.
  53. Nephus
    Greek spelling: Νεφός
    Meaning: Son of God who will eventually become God.
  54. Nicolaides
    Greek spelling: Νικολαΐδες
    Meaning: Derives from Nicholas.
  55. Nomikos
    Greek spelling: Νομικός
    Meaning: Relating to the law.
  56. Onasis
    Greek spelling: Ωνάση
    Meaning: Lover.
  57. Nanos
    Greek spelling: Νάνος
    Meaning: Dwarf.
  58. Othonos
    Greek spelling: Όθωνος
    Meaning: Fortune or wealth.