12 Boat Coloring Pages Kids Will Think Are Ferry Much Fun

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Boat Coloring Pages
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We don’t know about you, but one of our favorite pastimes is boating. Cruising across the glassy surface of a body of water, feeling the occasional splash hit your face, wind whipping your hair around with wild abandon — ah, nothing like it! What we also find super-fun about boats is their storied history. So, we decided to share a bit of our boat love (and nerdy boat knowledge) with you through a collection of boat coloring pages, complete with interesting facts.

You’ve probably been looking for good DIY kids’ activities, right? We’ve got your back. Or, as they’d say in the boating world, your aft. A word of warning, though: These free printables will make your kiddo want to hit the high seas ASAP. There is a way to prolong your maiden voyage, though: Distract them with our summer coloring pages, dolphin coloring pages, octopus coloring pages, and more.

Free Boat Coloring Pages

Boat No. 1

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Life aboard a pirate ship may not have been entirely glamorous, but it was probably more civilized than you might imagine. Pirate ships often enjoyed bands and theaters to keep themselves entertained. Pirates slept on hammocks (how fun?!). And pirates even had special menus suitable for sea life so that they weren’t stuck eating rotten food. Contrary to popular belief, there were plenty of feisty female pirates like Mary Read, Grace O’Malley, and Ching Shih. Blackbeard wasn’t the only pirate who sailed the seven seas! Shih had a crew of 80,000 sailors and controlled 1,800 ships. Fun fact: The first group to sail around Africa were the Phoenicians.

Boat No. 2

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We like big boats, and we cannot lie! In all seriousness, though, this boat looks massive. Still, we doubt it’s as big as the world’s longest ship — that ship, an oil tanked dubbed Seawise Giant, comes in at 1,504 feet long and a whopping 260,851 gross tonnage. And speaking of large vessels, did you know the Titanic only had two bathtubs for their 700 third-class passengers?

Boat No. 3

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On the other end of the size-spectrum are tugboats, ranging from 70 to 210 feet in length. They’re small but mighty, though, with engines generating up to 3,000 horsepower. They use it to help tow barges, push boats in trouble to safety, and move equipment around the harbor as needed. Fun fact: The oldest boat was found off the coast of Turkey in 1300 BC. It was an Egyptian Uluburun.

Boat No. 4

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Are you wondering what the difference is between a boat and a ship? Sure, you can use them interchangeably. But if a vessel weighs more than 500 tons, it’s technically referred to as a ship. Americans alone own about 18 million boats — some recreational, some commercial.

Boat No. 5

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Prepare to be impressed! The youngest person to sail around the world is Laura Dekker. She started the monumental feat in 2012 at the tender age of 14. By the time she finished 518 days later, she was 16.

Boat No. 6

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It’s never too early to start thinking about your future. Like, for example, where will you spend your retirement? Recent studies have shown that living on a cruise ship after retirement can be cheaper than moving into a retirement home. Um, now you know where to find us!

Boat No. 7

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Did you know that shipping is the only industry in the world? And it continues to be one of the biggest — literally and figuratively. At any given moment, there are roughly 20 million shipping containers aboard container ships crossing the seas. The largest container ship in the world could comfortably carry and transport the Eiffel Tower.

Boat No. 8

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The next time you’re out fishing, remember to keep in mind that there are certain good luck and back luck omens when you’re on a boat. A few bad luck examples? Whistling brings on heavy winds and bananas keep fish away (maybe pack something else in your lunch pail!). If you find a cat on your boat, it’s considered a sign of good fortune — even if the cat is black.

Boat No. 9

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Dreaming of the day you’ll be cruising around on your own yacht? Let this be your inspo: The world’s largest super-yacht, The Triple Deuce, cost over $1 billion to build. Even Mickey Mouse had a boat! In 1928, the Steamboat Willie cartoon was the first Disney animation to be released with sound.

Boat No. 10

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You know what a boat anchor does. But do you know what a boat anchor symbolizes? Not surprisingly, they’ve represented safety and security since ancient times. Today, anchors have evolved to symbolize loyalty, dedication to the greater good (often through military service), hope, enlightenment, and faithfulness.

Boat No. 11

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There are several things you need to board a boat, including good luck. To keep bad energy and omens off your vessel, don’t whistle on the boat, and don’t bring bananas aboard. But, if you find a cat on the ship, it’s considered good luck because they get rid of rats, which keeps the boat and sailors safe and clean.

Boat No. 12

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Do you know why ships are sometimes named after women? Traditionally, it was done to represent a mother or a fearless goddess who protected and looked after crew members as they set sail. Ask your kiddo what they would name their boat. It could be whatever they like!

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