Cardi B's Daughter Got A Birkin Bag For Her Birthday And People Went Nuts

by Christina Marfice
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Cardi B's Daughter Got A Birkin Bag For Her Birthday And People Went Nuts
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A whole lot of people seem to think it’s their job to decide how Cardi B spends her money

Celebrities spending their money on lavish gifts is nothing new. The Kardashians in particular are known for dropping some serious cash on presents for one another — like when Kris Jenner gave baby Stormi a playhouse that is literally larger and nicer than my apartment, or when Kim received a “push present” after giving birth that was a million dollars worth of diamonds on a choker — and then flaunting those presents all over social media so us poors can see the kind of consumerism that will forever be out of our reach. Like, who can forget that time Beyoncé gifted her entire new Ivy Park line to every famous person she knew in a social media stunt that actually just made us little people realize we could afford maybe one piece from that collection? Well, anyway, now Cardi B is getting some serious heat for doing the same thing.

Cardi B and her husband, Offset, have a daughter named Kulture who just turned two years old, and for the tot’s big birthday, they gifted her a Birkin bag. Now, for those who have to budget their money, a Birkin bag is about the most coveted of celebrity accessories. Made by Hermés, the laughably tiniest of these bags comes in at just under $10,000 — though you can get a used one on Ebay for about half that, if you must. It’s an absurd amount of money to spend on a purse, and especially for a two-year-old. We all know that. But people are absolutely vicious as they come for Cardi in the comments, and we’re going to need everyone to calm down.


The bag actually came from Offset, who posted a pretty adorable video of him excitedly giving it to Kulture, who was dressed like a princess for her birthday party. The kid obviously has no concept of a bag that costs five-to-six figures, but she’s stoked because it’s a pretty pink purse. It’s very cute.

The comments are less cute.

Cardi B/Instagram

Ah, yes, the old “Stop buying your kid gifts and just send them outside as if playing in dirt is a replacement for stuff or love.”

Cardi B/Instagram

Naturally there were also commenters who were sure that being given an expensive gift would turn Kulture into some kind of degenerate, just like, by default.

Cardi B/Instagram

Oh, and this one who is apparently Offset’s financial advisor, because he has a lot of thoughts on how the rapper should be spending his own money.

Cardi B/Instagram

Look, we can debate all day about whether it’s moral or good for the economy for anyone to have this much money. But the simple fact is that some people do, and if they want to do frivolous things with it, that’s 100% their prerogative. If we’re going to applaud when Kanye pays Kenny G to serenade Kim K on Valentine’s Day, we can’t then freak out because Cardi B and Offset gave their kid a purse that costs as much as a nice new sedan. If you want to do something about it, stop yelling at celebrities on their Instagrams and support some economic justice organizations instead.

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