Chrissy Teigen Says Not Knowing How To Use TikTok Has 'Aged' Her And Same

by Julie Scagell

Chrissy Teigen says she’s aged a lot and it’s not just because of the pandemic

If you are of the age or general opinion that TikTok is over your head, you’re not alone. Chrissy Teigen recently took to Twitter now that she’s back (don’t you dare ever leave that platform again) to share that, not only does she feel she lacks a basic understanding of TikTok, it makes her feel old.

“Pandemic aside, I feel like I aged so much in the last year,” the cookbook author wrote. “I just feel like everyone in the world is now younger than me and I can’t keep up. I think it’s my non-understanding of how to tik tok. Younger me would have killed this.”

I, for one, could not agree more. I try to be a part of all social media platforms that my teens are on so I can keep abreast of what they are sharing (I stalk them), but I lasted about four hours on TikTok. Not only do I not understand or find anything remotely funny about most of the videos, I find the entire experience irritates my senses. I, too, feel old.

Lucky for Teigen, it seems many fans agree with her:


“Everyone keeps saying I can do it and I’m like I’m saying I literally cannot,” Teigen said in another tweet. “It is a program I do not know how to use.” One fan sealed the deal by sharing a video of a grown woman making a TikTok and I am not lying when I say I watched it with an expression that Regina George herself would have been jealous of.

What in the hell did I just watch with my own eyeballs? This right here is what nightmares are made of.

Teigen is actually on TikTok but doesn’t consider herself a pro at it.

Teigen actually joined TikTok in February, confirming on Instagram that a new account with the handle @chrissy.teigen was indeed hers. Fans flocked to follow her page but she’s only posted about a dozen videos since she joined. In one, she asks, “Does anyone just use this like a normal thing, like, just talking? Or is it always like a viral, like, song thing? I feel like I never see it just like normal talking.”

Teigen also posted in her Instagram story shortly after creating the account, “Hey, yes that’s my TikTok. It’s the drumstick, chrissy.teigen….I don’t care, I don’t want to be verified. If you follow it… uh, I feel bad for you.”

She reposted one of her first TikTok videos in an Instagram post, writing in the caption, “Am I doing this right. Very old. So many buttons ??????”

I feel this on an emotional level.