15+ Rawr-some Dinosaur Tattoos — 'Cause You're An Adult & Can Do What You Want

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Woman getting tattoo — dinosaur tattoos.
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People love dinosaurs — so much so that they even get dinosaur tattoos. But… why do people love dinosaurs so much? There are several explanations. One common belief about our infatuation with dinos comes from the idea that learning about the types of dinosaurs or absorbing ourselves in dinosaur movies offers us a sense of thrill and danger without actually having to experience the real things. Dinosaurs could kill you if you were ever around one. Of course, they’re extinct, so you won’t. Many also believe kids love dinos (especially dinosaur jokes or dinosaur coloring pages) because dinosaurs kind of represent grown-ups: They’re big and old.

As for why grown-ups like tattoos? That’s even easier to explain. Tattoos offer people a chance to mark their bodies with things that are important to them. Many tattooed mamas believe their bodies are a canvas or storybook — that by “reading” the art that adorns their body, you can learn about them. Whether that tattoo represents something as simple as your love for dinosaurs (Ross Geller would be so proud) or something bigger depends on the person. But each tattoo on your body tells a different story. Each tattoo has a meaning. And people like being able to share themselves with other people.

Thinking of getting a dinosaur tattoo? These are some of our favorite examples!

1. Bestie/Throuple Line Art

These three simple dinosaur tattoos are so cute. We love that each one is a different dinosaur species, but they’re all similarly drawn. It’s the perfect matching dinosaur tattoo option for a couple, “throuple,” or set of friends.

2. 8-Bit Dino

Looking for a single tattoo that combines multiple interests into one? This adorable 8-bit dinosaur tattoo might be the perfect option. If you’re an old-school gamer or computer nerd, the 8-bit style will appeal to you. And if you’ve never had a tattoo before? The simplicity of one color might speak to you, too.

3. Turn Yourself Into a Dinosaur

OK. This is wild, right? If you’ve always felt like you were part-dino, something like this cool, colorful art might be the answer. These tattoos turn your legs into figurative dinosaur legs! Now you just need to practice your screeching.

4. Cute and Colorful

There is something really nostalgic about these tattoos, but we can’t place why. We may never figure it out. We just know we love how they’re teeny tiny but still brightly, boldly colored.

5. Two Loves at Once: Dinos and Gaming

Here’s another dinosaur tattoo option for gaming nerds. This one is much more detailed, though, so it may not be the best option if this tattoo is your first ever. Question: Do you think T. rex would actually be any good at CoD?

6. Simple But Sassy

Who says your dinosaur tattoo can’t offer up a bit of sass, too? This number clearly tells anyone looking at your tattoo exactly what you’re up for, which is basically nothing. Wanna party? Nope. Can you take out the trash? Nope. Will you call me? Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

7. Comin’ Outta Their Shell

What have you gone through in the last several years? Has it changed you as a person? If the caterpillar-to-butterfly morph feels too overplayed for you, what about a dino coming out of his shell? After my divorce, I certainly felt like I came out of mine.

8. Spooky/Gorgeous

Spooky mamas, do you see this beauty?! We love, love, love dinos and flowers. But this dinosaur skeleton in flowers takes things to a whole new level of eerie elegance.

9. Rawr Means “I Love You” in Dinosaur

Anyone else see this tattoo and immediately think of your emo days on MySpace? You’re not alone.

10. T. Rex, Livin’ His Dream

Everyone loved to portray T. rex as the ultimate baddie. But maybe he’s whimsical, like you?

11. T. Rex on a Bike

Who knows what fears he overcame to become the alpha-rex! Learning to ride a bike isn’t easy, after all. Especially when you’ve got a big head and little arms.

12. Truly Terrifying

Everyone knows that the truly terrifying dinosaur is the velociraptor. Is it just me, or does it seem like this dinosaur tattoo can hear you moving and is coming to eat the meat off your bones?

13. Familiar Face

When you want to show off your love for dinosaurs but want to mix in some nostalgia, might we suggest a little Land Before Time action?

14. Watercolor, or a Vibrant Take on Trash Polka?

Whatever this is, we love it.

15. Line Art, But Make It Dead

We’re still suckers for super-simple line art tattoos. We love the skeletal or fossil-like aspect behind this one.

16. When You’re Dino-Lovin’ Soulmates

Seal the deal on your relationship with matching tattoos… but go behind the super cliche “to infinity and beyond” stuff. Just get some cheeky dinosaur tattoos.

17. A Dainty Dino

Finally, don’t let anyone put you in a corner by thinking that because you love dinosaurs, you must love all things science. There can be room in your heart for both science and art or, more specifically, Jurassic-era creatures and dance.

18. Kid Drawn Dinosaurs

Kids have a million ways of saying, “I love you,” including drawing pictures for their parents. So if your child loves dinosaurs and has drawn one for you, the only place better than the fridge is your body. Keep a sentimental reflection of your child’s love close to your heart by getting it tattooed on your skin. Your kid will love it, and as your child grows, it’ll be a constant reminder of the cute little love bug they were.

19. Treceroptops Tat

Next to T-rexes, Triceratops are definitely up there on the cool dinosaur list. This Jurassic giant almost looks bionic in this design, which only adds to its appeal. This dino even has diamonds or gem-like stones peaking out of its head. Not only does this Triceratops look super tough, but it’s also a beautiful and one-of-a-kind interpretation of this animal.

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