Dwayne Johnson's Daughter Hilariously Reacts To Fans Recognizing Her Dad


Dwayne Johnson shared that his five-year-old daughter has caught on when fans recognize him in public — and her reaction is truly precious

As an A-list actor and one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time — not to mention one of the most recognizable people on the planet — Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is no doubt used to people noticing him when he’s out in public. But it seems his five-year-old daughter Jasmine is starting to pick up on how famous her dad is, telling Today co-host Hoda Kotb the absolutely precious way she’s handling having a megawatt dad.

Johnson is a dad to three daughters, and while his youngest daughter Tiana doesn’t yet realize her dad is behind some of her favorite movies (in fact, she flat-out doesn’t believe he’s the voice of Maui in Moana… LOL), Jasmine is game to serve as his manager when they’re at the park and fellow kids and/or parents take notice of him.

“If [Jasmine] gets wind that someone is noticing me — we’re at a park and kids are noticing or parents — she’ll come up and grab me and she’ll go, ‘Dad, come on! They recognize you. Come, say hello. Come on, you’re The Rock!'”

“So she pulls me over to this family. And she’s, like, ‘Here. This is my dad.’ And I was like, ‘Hello, my daughter wants me to come say hello to you,'” he shared, laughing sheepishly.

Though these days she’s serving as a stellar publicist and manager for her famous papa, Jasmine hasn’t always been on board with his many talents. Back in 2019, Johnson told People that he began singing along to songs from Moana when they were watching the film together, but she was not loving it.

“I said, ‘You know, that’s Daddy’s voice, and I’m going to show you,'” he shared. “Maui starts singing, and I then start singing, and within 10 seconds she’s trying to put a pillow over my mouth and says, ‘You’re ruining the song.'” Ouch.

It’s not just his two youngest daughters who are more than ready to keep him humble, either. Johnson told People in 2019 that his 20-year-old daughter Simone has thrown some zingers at him in the past. “Simone went to a Jingle Ball concert a few years back and had met all the artists. She came back to the house and said it was amazing and was like, ‘I’ve never been around anybody famous before.’ And I’m like, ‘No one, you sure?'”Leave it to kids to bring you back down to earth at all times — no matter how famous and beloved you might be.