You'll Want To Go Fish For These 15 Super Easy Card Games For Kids

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easy card games for kids
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Need some options for keeping your kiddos entertained on a day when it’s too yucky to go outside? These days you probably don’t think much about playing card games, but there was probably a time when your whole world revolved around playing War or Go Fish. Not only are most kids’ card games incredibly easy to learn and play, they’ll also take up virtually no space in the mountain of toys and games you might already have lurking in the closet. Maybe it’s time you pulled out a deck of cards and show your kids how it’s done.

Here are 15 super easy and fun card games kids will love.

1. Memory

There are so many great versions of Memory out there. Whether your kid is obsessed with Frozen or farm animals, find a version that sparks their interest and they’ll play for hours.

2. Happy Families

This one is a lot like Go Fish, except instead of collecting a generic King or Jack, the goal is to collect the entire “family” of a certain kind (hearts, clubs, spades, diamonds).


3. Old Maid

Old Maid is another classic that kids have always enjoyed. You can pick up a deck practically anywhere, we’ve even seen them in the Target Dollar Spot.

4. Go Fish

While you can certainly play this game with a specialized and colorful deck, it’s just as simple to play with a regular deck of cards. Those are often more handy, anyway.

5. Sushi Go

If you’ve run through all the games you know how to play and want something a little more unique, try building your own sushi rolls in this super cute game.

6. War

Did you know that your beloved childhood card game is actually available to play at the tables in Vegas? Don’t worry about trying to raise up a card shark. Just teach them how to have fun.

7. Snap

Deal out cards (face down) evenly between players. Players take turns flipping one card and putting it in the middle of the table. If the two top cards match, the first person to yell, “Snap!” gets to collect the cards. Once a person loses all their cards, they’re out.

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8. Slapjack

Start out like you do in Snap. In this instance, you’re looking only for jacks. Any time a jack is dealt into the middle, players must race to slap the deck. Whomever slaps it first, gets the cards in the stack. If you accidentally slap a stack that hasn’t been dealt a jack, you must give a card to the person who put down the top card.

9. Uno!

Listen. Some of us were just too nice for Uno. We tried hard not to deal out penalty cards but always got slammed from other players. There’s probably a teaching moment in there.


10. Uno Flip

Yep. They made another one.

11. Dos

…And another.

12. Skip-Bo

Anyone else remember playing this with their Mamaws? It’s such a simple game, but still hosts its fair share of competition.

13. Crazy Eights

Who can get rid of their cards first? Don’t forget that eights are wild.

14. Avocado Smash

Looking for a super fun game with the world’s cutest mascot? This will be your jam. Or guacamole. Whichever you prefer.

15. Exploding Kittens

Finally, for a truly unique gaming experience that will make you both laugh and groan, you must try Exploding Kittens. It’s been out for a few years now and is still a family favorite.

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