Divorce Sucks

Ali Wong And Husband Justin Hakuta Are Getting Divorced

The split is ‘amicable’ according to their joint statement.

Comedian Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta are getting divorced after eight years of marriage.
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Comedian Ali Wong and her husband Justin Hakuta are calling it quits.

Wong and Hakuta, who has often been the subject of Wong’s standup sets, are divorcing after eight years of marriage. In her 2016 special Baby Cobra, she joked about how she “trapped” him after learning he was a Harvard Business School student.

“And I was like, 'Oh, my God, I'm gonna trap his ass. Going to trap his ass!' And I trapped his ass initially by not kissing him until the fifth date, which is a very unusual move on my part. But I did it on purpose because I knew that he was a catch."

Hakuta is also known by fans for selling Wong’s merch in the lobby during after her shows and has become something of a mini-celebrity himself for doing so.

My husband mans the merch table after the show, people think it’s a joke, but my husband, who graduated from Harvard Business School, really is in the lobby after the show slanging Ali Wong tote bags, shower curtains,” Wong explained back in 2019 on Ellen.

In her 2018 book Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets & Advice for Living Your Best Life, Wong shared that she and Hakuta signed a prenuptial agreement.

"I was very motivated to make my own money because I signed a document specifically outlining how much I couldn't depend on my husband," she wrote. "My father always praised 'the gift of fear' and that prenup scared the shit out of me. In the end, being forced to sign that prenup was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me and my career."

In her Feb. 2022 Netflix special Don Wong, the comedian joked about how she had “pressured the shit out of my then-boyfriend to propose to me," only to end up in "monogamy jail."

"It was crazy. My wish came true," she said. "He proposed, we got married, we bought a house, had two kids. Fast-forward to seven years later, present day, I'm, like, I don't know why I did that. I think that what happened was, at the time, my future in comedy was looking very uncertain. I was really struggling….And I panicked.”

“I was like, 'I don't know if I can make it in this world on my own. So I better trap this dude who graduated from Harvard Business School so that I don't end up homeless.' But now, I know that I can make it on my own. So I kind of wanna just be on my own. Only other married people with kids can empathize with the deep envy I feel towards you single people. OK, you don't know how free you are."

The two still plan to co-parent their two daughters, Mari and Nikki, who are 6 and 4. A source told People that the split was “amicable” and that the pair “will continue to co-parent lovingly.”