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Amy Schumer Is Touring Without Her Son, And She’s Not Happy About It

The comedian is ‘anticipating how awful it's going to be’ to be away from three-year-old Gene.

Amy Schumer attends Los Angeles Premiere Of "Only Murders In The Building" Season 2. The comedian is...
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The good news: Amy Schumer is on tour. Bad news: she didn’t bring her son Gene, 3, along for the ride, and she’s devastated about it. As she gears up for her impressive 42-city Whore Tour, which runs into 2023, the mom sat down with The New Yorker to discuss how she is coping with the idea of being away from her son for the first time for an extended period and her doubts and reservations about it.

The plan is that Gene will stay home with dad Chris Fischer at their residence in Brooklyn while Schumer tours — and that they will take every opportunity that makes sense to meet her on tour.

“With our life and her career and with Gene, it’s not really a conversation,” Fischer shared. “She tells us what’s going on, and Gene and I, we’re happy and willing and able, so far, to adapt.”

Chris is an accredited chef but is realistic about the difficulty of raising a family working restaurant hours, saying, “You can’t have a restaurant—or be in restaurants—and have a functioning family, And Amy is the hardest-working person I’ve ever met. Like, she doesn’t stop.”

“I always want to cancel everything, I always try. It’s sixty shows!” Schumer said. “A big tour is like forty. I’m anticipating how awful it’s going to be saying goodbye to him, like, the third time I leave to go on the road. When you hear them cry and reach for you, you just want to throw up.”

Recounting how Gene had fallen asleep on her chest the night before, she thought, “There are a limited number of nights where they’ll want to do this. I’m going to miss sixty-five nights of putting him to bed. I mean, what is that worth? Am I crazy for doing this? But then it’s, like, I have the opportunity to go and make all this money.”

The Trainwreck star revealed that this tour would generate about 10 million dollars.

Men would go out to sea for years on expeditions just for the cause, why not a few months for a few mill?

When asked if she does the touring for the money, Schumer relayed the same sentiment with a confused face, saying, “You mean, like, is it for the love of comedy?”

Get that paper, girl. Fischer is holding down the fort!

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