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Andy Cohen And Anderson Cooper Share A Too-Real Video About Their Weekend

The friends and TV personalities shouted above the racket their kids were making.

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper at "Andy Cohen Live!" The friends recently spent a Saturday afternoon...
Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Besties Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper are fully living the dad life now — and it was never more clear than when the pair checked in with the world on Saturday to let everyone know just how it’s going with them.

The scene is pure pandemonium — the two TV hosts seem to be at some sort of family gathering, in which at least several kids are screaming and playing in the background. The pair have to raise their voices to be heard over the dun.

“It’s Saturday afternoon, Anderson. It’s a mellow Saturday,” Cohen, 54, says.

“Yep, this is how we used to spend our Saturdays,” Anderson, 55, answers, laughing.

The noise and mayhem continues in the background.

“Yeah, wow. Life has really taken a turn,” Cohen continues.

“What are you drinking there?”

“Water,” Andy says, laughing.

“We’re getting our party on. This is awesome,” Cohen says. A stuffed elephant enters the frame at some point, and Anderson is holding a baby — though it’s hard to say who.

“Remember when we used to be guys around town? Wow, oh my god.”

Both Cohen and Cooper are relatively new dads. Andy welcomed son Ben in 2019 and a daughter, Lucy, in 2022 — and he’s raising them as a single dad. Anderson has Wyatt, 2, and Sebastian, seven months, with his co-parent Benjamin Maisani.

This is not the first time that Andy has shared the realness of parenting with the world. Earlier this fall, he shared with the world exactly what car trips are like with toddlers.

And last year, he was super candid about what it was like to quarantine away from his son while he had a case of breakthrough COVID.

While Cooper has been a bit more private about life with his two littles, he has shared a few really lovely moments, from opening up about what it feels to be a dad after losing his father when he was just 10 years old, to reading his new baby a book.

Through both the hard times and the good times — and the loud, chaotic Saturday get-togethers — it’s so nice to see two dads bonding through it together, and supporting each other along the way.