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Disneyland Is Permanently Closing The ‘Beast’s Library’ Attraction Next Month & Fans Are Unwell

The secret gem attraction will close on Dec. 10.

Disney has officially confirmed that a beloved, secret gem of the Disneyland Resort, the Beast's Lib...
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Disney has officially confirmed that a beloved, secret gem of the Disneyland Resort will be closing permanently next month. Beast’s Library, which allowed guests to explore the infamous Beauty and the Beast character’s secret and elaborate library, will permanently close on Dec. 10, Disneyland officials announced Tuesday.

The magic-filled and immersive experience will be taken over by Disney’s Imagination Campus, an educational program that teaches students how to use their imagination to solve various challenges.

“Our plan is for Imagination Campus to use the Beast’s Library space moving forward and the final day for guests to experience Beast’s Library will be Dec. 10,” a Disneyland official told KTLA.

While Disney Park fans are no strangers to change, this one hurts just a little more because of what a secret gem the Beast’s Library was for guests.

What was it like?

Inside the Animation Academy, Disney California Adventure-goers headed into the Sorcerer’s Workshop where, according to Disney, they “discovered how Disney animators bring some of your favorite characters to life.”

While wandering through the Sorcerer’s Workshop, guests then stumbled upon The Beast’s Library, offering guests a chance to step into the world of Beauty and the Beast.

“Enter a chamber modeled after the Beast’s secret library from Beauty and the Beast and interact with an enchanted book to discover which Disney character your personality most resembles,” states Disney on its official website.

The attraction also features a portrait of the Prince which hangs above the fireplace in the middle of the room. If you stay in there long enough, guests can watch as the portrait changes to the Beast depicted in the 1991 animated film. The famous rose from the film also wilts as the room changes over.

The attraction is so secret that guests will not find even find the location on any official Disneyland park map, making it that much more special.

Disney fans were quick to call out Disney for closing such a cult-favorite and treasured space.

“Brb chaining myself to the Beast’s Library,” one X user wrote.

Another said, “I can’t believe the beast’s library is closing I spent so many nights sitting there alone watching the room change and counting the books. I’ll miss her too much.”

“Disneyland closing Beast's Library in DCA might just be the news that sends me completely over the edge. 2023 has been too much. This is not okay,” one fan wrote.

Another echoed, “Just saw that the Beast’s Library is closing in California Adventure and my heart is being RIPPED OUT OF MY CHEST”

One user took their frustrations out on Disneyland, remarking that the billion-dollar corporation is out of touch with what its fans truly want.

@Disneyland you’re trash for closing Beast’s Library. You are totally out of touch with your core fanbase. This is a classic WDW move, I never thought Disneyland would ever fall that level,” they wrote.

The rest of the Disney Animation Academy will remain open to guests including Anna & Elsa’s Royal Welcome and Turtle Talk with Crush. The Beast’s Library is part of the Sorcerer’s Workshop, the rest of which will remain open.