A Dozen To Go, Please!

PSA: Disney World’s New Fall Menu Items Include A Dole Whip Hard Cider Float

Being a Disney adult just got better.

Disney World's new fall menu items include a Dole Whip hard cider float, new wing flavors, and churr...

For Disney adults, there are many reasons to step inside the gates of any Disney theme park. Sure, you want to see the characters. What park visit is complete without a hug from Mickey Mouse? And riding rides is always fun. There's even a very special place in your heart for the animatronic birds in The Tiki Room. But one of the biggest draws at any Disney park is the absolutely over-the-top, bonkers-delicious food and drinks. And now, they're upping the culinary ante even more with an impressive roster of new fall items — including a Dole Whip hard cider float.

While many of the food items at Disney have been around for ages and remain staples (looking at you, Mickey waffles), the folks that imagine up fun for park guests almost always have a few new treats up their sleeves, too. This fall, Disney has unveiled one of the best line-ups of new food they've announced in recent recollection.

So, book your flights and prepare to dive into these epic treats and drinks while enjoying the sights and sounds. And don't skip out on the non-Magic Kingdom parks, either... according to Disney's blog, Animal Kingdom is getting the most extensive collection of new menu items.


The Stuffed Pancake Sandwich | Animal Kingdom


Imagine a pancake batter muffin. Now imagine it is stuffed with sausage, egg, and cheese. Now, if you dare, imagine the taste of guava in every bite. That's the new stuffed pancake sandwich found at Drinkwallah, Pongu Pongu, Trek Snacks, and select outdoor vending carts.

Breakfast Totchos | Animal Kingdom


Who doesn't love tater tots? Top them with other breakfast staples like eggs, bacon, and (nacho) cheese, and you have a recipe for one of Disney's most exciting breakfast releases. You can find the Totchos at Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery.

Bacon and Egg Croissant Sandwich | Animal Kingdom


The name of this Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery breakfast treat (picture top left) is pretty self-descriptive. Be prepared, however, as it comes with a special tomato pepper relish, as well.

Lunch and Dinner

Rice Bowls | Animal Kingdom


Wanna taste a bit of Africa? Head to Harambe Market to try out one of their three new rice bowls: Chicken and Rice, Shrimp and Rice, or Chicken, Shrimp, and Rice. Each bowl comes with traditional jollof rice, kachumbari tomato salad, and tzatziki sauce. The chicken is marinated in chermoula, while the shrimp is peri-peri marinated. (Haven't had peri-peri? Think Nandos! And get an extra large drink.)

Korean Fried Chicken Bao Buns | Coronado Springs Resort


CSR's Three Bridges Bar and Grill is offering up a smattering of tasty new menu items. Most exciting, though, is the Korean Fried Chicken Bao Buns. The bao buns feature a "lime mayo, sweet-and-spicy gochujang sauce, 'kimchi' pickles, and radish," making them authentic-ish and 100% crave-worthy.

Wings | Caribbean Beach Resort


OK, OK. "Wings" aren't new. But Banana Cabana is offering two new wing flavors that should spark the interest of nearly everyone. Have you ever heard of Guava Buffalo or Rum Barbecue wings? PS: They've also added crunchy plantains to the Banana Cabana burger for a bit more oomph.

Vegan "Burnt Ends" | Animal Kingdom


Throughout Disney parks is a new smattering of meatless options starring Impossible meat. The Impossible Burnt Ends dish at Flame Tree Barbeque carries the most intrigue, though. Can these really live up to brisket burnt ends? That probably depends on who you ask.


From L to R: Dole Whip Orange Soda Float, Dole Whip Float With Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, Dole Whip Hard Cider Float


Dole Whip Hard Cider Float | Animal Kingdom

Everyone already loves Dole Whip, and Dole Whip floats are hardly a new menu item. However, this fall-inspired float features Dole Whip and Ace Pineapple Craft Cider, making it the most perfectly indulgent adult beverage. (There's also a 21+ float available with Parrot Bay Coconut Rum.)

Dole Whip Orange Soda Float | Animal Kingdom

Trying to stay sober on this visit? How about a Dole Whip float atop orange soda, garnished with strawberry syrup? This delightful treat not only looks good, but it should taste just as impressive.


Mango Passionfruit Cheesecake | Animal Kingdom


Nothing deserves a "shut up and take my money" more than this sweet, fruity treat featuring flavors you don't often see outside of the park. Mango and passionfruit?! This should put anything found in a factory (you know the one) to shame.

Churros (with New Dipping Sauces) | Coronado Springs Resort


Back at Three Bridges, make sure you have dessert. Churros have been a longtime Disney staple. However, the new dipping sauces will take this fan-favorite to bold new heights. Try tequila caramel, spiced chocolate, and mango-chamoy, though my money is on the spiced chocolate being the best.

See all of the new menu items available at Animal Kingdom and other resorts and parks on the Disney Parks blog.