Fall Y'all

Blake Lively Is Absolutely Living For Decorative Gourd Season

The soon-to-be mom of four shared photos of her enjoying the heck out of the fall season with pumpkin crafts galore.

Blake Lively's Selfie for For Decorative Gourd Season
@instagram / @blakelively

Fall is officially here! If you’re sipping on that pumpkin spice drink, heading to the pumpkin patch in flannel, and overall just really here for fall — Blake Lively gets it.

The Gossip Girl alum shared what she’s been up to since the weather got a little crisper and let’s just say that the soon-to-be mother of four is going all out when it comes to fall crafts. Lively shared all of her festive baking dishes and fall-themed drinks on her Instagram.

From pumpkin bread to a loaf of bread shaped like a freaking pumpkin, she really is putting the rest of fall lovers to shame. Oh, did we mention that she carved out a pumpkin and turned it into a cooler for drinks?

“To everyone who’s email I haven’t responded to or call I haven’t returned: I’m sorry. I’ve been busy with urgent matters…” she jokingly captioned her post which also featured a selfie of the A Simple Favor actress in Elf-themed pajamas. Clearly, she is ready for the holiday season!

Lively added even more content to her Instagram Story, giving credit to the baker who gave her the inspiration for the baking bonanza, especially that pumpkin-shaped load of bread. “Thank you @idyllwildbread for teaching me how to bake the most crunchy and steaming sourdough bread...and thank you @wiremonkeyshop for the inspo.”

She also jokingly thanked “social media for surveilling” because they got it “so right” serving her content that inspired her whole fall takeover.

The pregnant mom, who is expecting baby no. 4 with husband and actor Ryan Reynolds, also showcased in her fall tablescape that included a pumpkin-shaped pound cake. "Family butter pound cake. I just browned the butter instead. Added a splash of bourbon and half a pack of @healthygourmetkitchen pumpkin cheesecake mix. Fall glow up," she wrote.

Lively also took her pumpkin skills to the next level by creating an adorable vase out of a white pumpkin and filled it with succulents. "I filled the inside w pebbles to get the plants high," she wrote. "And didn't glue any of the dried stuff so when the pumpkin rots you just change the pumpkin vase." She is a genius, right?

And because she’s a mom, Lively couldn’t stop her fall craft extravaganza without something for the kids. On her post, she added pictures of white, unicorn-themed pumpkins with pink boas and glitter stems. "I always wanted to glitter the stem of a white pumpkin and call it a unicorn. Finally had an excuse to. Inspired by kids cakes," she wrote on her Story.

Is there anything this woman can’t do?