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The Bluey Season 3 Finale Finally Has An Air Date, & The Wait Is Almost Over

Bonus? The season’s ending is bigger than expected.

The 'Bluey' Season 3 finale finally has an air date.

Bluey might have the most patient fandom out there today. Their unyielding resolve in the face of delays is astonishing, especially when you consider how long the third season of the popular animated series has been going on for. It premiered in its homeland of Australia in 2021, arrived in the U.S. nearly a year later, and has dropped in dribs and drabs since. Finally, after what feels like the most prolonged season of television ever, the highly-anticipated Season 3 finale is ready to arrive in our homes. Best of all, the Heelers have a few wackadoo surprises accompanying this news that nobody saw coming.

In an unexpected announcement that dropped on Sunday, Feb. 25, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) posted on their Instagram page that the Season 3 finale finally had an air date in The Land Down Under. However, the image attached to that post made things a bit more confusing, as it listed April 7 and April 14. How could there be two dates for one finale? As we learned soon after, the finale wasn't coming to the party alone.


The producers had one other trick up their sleeves, revealing another new episode of Bluey was joining this lineup. On April 7, "Ghostbasket" will air, an episode that's never aired anywhere. Following that one week later, on April 14, "The Sign" will finish the season in grand fashion.

Making this news even sweeter was the confirmation that both episodes will premiere globally on the same days on Disney Channel, Disney Jr, and the Disney+ app. For the first time in Bluey's history, there won't be any massive delays between when Australia shows these episodes and when other countries receive them. This is an unprecedented move, proving how powerful Blueymania has grown in the past few years.

What is the Bluey finale about?

If there's one thing that's always true about Bluey, it's how secretive the producers are about every aspect of it. That hasn't stopped fans from hypothesizing about what the finale might be about, but until we see it with our own eyes, it's anybody's guess.

What we know for a fact is the episode is the longest continuous one in the series history, clocking in at 28 minutes long. We know the title, "The Sign," and we've seen a few vague screenshots and a trailer for it — although it ultimately told us nothing.

The studio tossed us a few breadcrumbs through the trailer and a post on their website, which left us with more questions than answers.

We know the Grannies will be a major part of "Ghostbasket," so that's always something to look forward to. The post also confirmed some returning characters in the finale — namely Patrick Brammall as Uncle Rad, Megan Washington as Calypso, Claudia O'Doherty as Frisky, Myf Warhurst as Trixie, and Rose Byrne as Brandy.

Debuting in this special are four new characters whose names we don't know yet, but their performers we do. That list includes Rove McManus, Deborah Mailman, Brendan Williams, and Joel Edgerton.

Many suggested the finale will focus on the family moving to a new home, while others believe it will feature the wedding of Uncle Rad and Frisky. It could be both of those things or none! The involvement of Chilli's sister, Brandy (last seen in the heartbreaking "Onesies" episode), is another mysterious factor, with some wondering if she has an announcement of her own to make.

If you really want more details about the finale, there have been some leaks that may or may not be legit — so tread carefully if you decide to peek at those potential spoilers. Likewise, "Ghostbasket" has been discussed and rumored about in-depth with hardcore Bluey fans for ages, with many believing it was a Halloween episode. At the very least, these two episodes are likely connected, and it will be interesting to see how they fit together.


Is this the end of Bluey?

The downside of having Season 3 come to a close is the anxiety of waiting for Season 4. Many fans are concerned that after this finale, the entire series will come to an end. The good news is — at least, as of now — the series is far from over. However, it might be some time before we get more Bluey.

Its showrunners previously stated that Bluey isn't finished, but they do plan to put production on pause once the third season wraps. This was an internal decision to allow everyone time to rest before diving into the fourth season, which currently has no timeline for a return. As Bandit would say, "It's a good thing you're tough," because Bluey aficionados had to be to endure these extensive delays across the never-ending third season.

No matter what, Bluey's world is sure to change in a major way after this finale airs, and fans will once more patiently stand by this blue heeler to find out what happens next.

Bluey is available to stream in the US on Disney+.