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Apparently Chris Hemsworth's Son Calls Him ‘Chris’ & People Have Big Feelings

Hemsworth's explanation brings up an age-old parenting debate.

ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - NOVEMBER 26: Australian actor Chris Hemsworth walks in the paddock...
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Chris Pratt might be considered the Worst Chris, but you would think it was Chris Hemsworth based on the flack he’s getting after posting about taking his son fishing off of Fiji.

The Avengers star, who shares 11-year-old India Rose and 9-year-old twins, Sasha and Tristan, with wife Elsa Pataky, is dealing with blowback because at least one of his kids calls him “Chris” instead of “dad.”

In the post, a carousel of pictures and video show the pair deep sea fishing: father and son (it’s unclear whether it’s Sasha or Tristan) work together to reel in an absolutely huge catch.

“My son wanted to catch a fish for the locals in Fiji and after 3 attempts and about 12 hrs at sea we pulled in this beauty,” the Australian captioned the vacation post. “Fed the village for 3 days.”

In one video, we can hear his son say, “Come on, Chris! Keep on fighting it!”

Chris even gives an explanation of the moment in the caption, too.

“PS if your wondering why my son calls me Chris it’s because I’m his BFF and true mates don’t call each other dad.”

It didn’t sit well with a lot of people in the comments.

“Disrespect calling your father by his name at that age,” one person wrote — and the comment was liked hundreds of times. “I have always heard Chris call his father dad.”

“Nah the son calling his dad by Chris is weird and not Bff behavior,” another wrote.

“Perhaps I'm old-fashioned, but growing up in the South, we were always taught that addressing your mother or father by their first name is an absolute sign of disrespect,” another person commented. “I would NEVER, EVER call my parents by their first name. You have to set boundaries for kids. It's okay to be their friend, but you also have to let them know that you are their parent who is there to discipline them, when needed, as well. I think that method of parenting will back-fire on or poor. You have to set boundaries with children.

Some people defended the practice, though.

“Anyone who’s watched what you share of your family can see the good relationships you all have, the fun, the joy, & now the generosity & desire to help,” one person wrote. “How you & your son address each other? Not remotely something we should judge.”

It’s not clear if his son calling him Chris is an always thing or a sometimes thing — or if his other two kids do it, too. But it sounds like one of his other kids call him dad in a different video from the same trip.

If that wasn’t enough, tons of commenters also took offense at catching a fish — even if it was to donate to a village for food. Sometimes celebrities get earned criticism, but other times it feels like they can’t do anything without getting attacked by trolls.

Hemsworth posts so much wholesome content hanging out with his kids and spending quality time with them — maybe it doesn’t matter so much what they call him at all.