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Danica McKellar Shared A No-Makeup Selfie To Celebrate Her 48th Birthday

The actor said the secret to youth is "in the attitude."

Danica McKellar shared a makeup-free selfie for her birthday. Here she's pictured on "Today" in Nov....
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Danica McKellar is ringing in her 48th year with a makeup-free selfie and a note about embracing a clean, healthy and spiritual lifestyle.

The Wonder Years star took to Instagram to share an “obligatory” picture of herself without makeup on Tuesday, and thanked fans for their birthday wishes, supporting her career and championing her “newfound faith.”

“If there's any secret I've found to youth, it's in the attitude... and a healthy, clean lifestyle, of course. 🥰 Our minds and bodies are inextricably connected. I've found when I eat well and get enough rest and exercise, I have so much more access to that inner joy that makes life fun!”

Danica McKellar’s birthday post.

McKellar also added that when she disciplines herself to focus on the good, she ignores the outrage that is present all around her these days.

“I find I'm more likely to stay in gratitude and make healthy going to bed early instead of staying up late to scroll through... all the things there are to be outraged over,” McKellar wrote. “The other secret to life? Taking all that gratitude and giving back to the world in as many ways as I can. My grandmother always said, ‘The way to be happy is to make other people happy.’ Spread it around...🤗❤🤗.”

The Great American Family star urged people to consider donating to one of her favorite charities to celebrate her birthday, which include My Stuff Bags Foundation, Childhelp and America’s Kids Belong.

Danica McKellar in Tennessee.

McKellar recently moved from California to Tennessee after spending most of her life in Los Angeles. Her son, Draco, 12, was actually the one to convince her and her husband, Scott Sveslosky, to relocate to the Volunteer State after two of his best friends moved to the state.

“[Draco] was begging me: ‘Can we please move to Tennessee?’ I said, ‘Sweetie, we can’t just move where your friends move.’ But then my husband and I were like, ‘Well, we do want more nature,’” she told The Tennessean, adding that it’s also closer to Draco’s dad, Mike Verta, who lives in Florida.

“It feels like you're not in the middle of all the hustle and bustle,” McKellar continued. “When I drive to get my car serviced, there aren’t people honking. It's just this beautiful country road. Having (your) surroundings be more peaceful, I think it's just wonderful for your whole mind-body connection.”

Alas, maybe the secret to the perfect makeup-free selfie is being in nature.