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Candace Cameron Bure Doubles Down On Her Decision To Leave Hallmark

After Hilarie Burton and others called out the ‘Full House’ alum for her thinly veiled bigotry, Bure doubled down on her stance. You know, for Jesus.

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Candace Cameron Bure has blamed the blowback she received for leaving the Hallmark Channel for "trad...
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One of the best parts of the holiday season are all the cheesy but totally bingeable Hallmark Christmas movies. Even better? They have been getting more inclusive as well. When the Hallmark Channel announced that they would be introducing its first same-sex Christmas love story with The Holiday Sitter, Hallmark mainstay Candace Cameron Bure announced her departure from the network for “Christian” reasons. Yeah.

And when fellow Hallmark Channel actor and One Tree Hill alum Hilarie Burton rightfully called her out for the move, Bure doubled down on her stance.

"All of you who know me, know beyond question that I have great love and affection for all people. It absolutely breaks my heart that anyone would ever think I intentionally would want to offend and hurt anyone," the Full House alum said in a statement to PEOPLE.

She continued to go on about how she was “saddened” that the media “used this as an opportunity to fan flames of conflict and hate,” saying “I love you anyway.”

And while she goes to say “people of all ethnicities and identities have and will continue to contribute to the network in great ways both in front of and behind the camera,” she carefully avoids explicitly saying that this includes members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Language loopholes for Jesus!

The interview that first had people “assassinating” Bure’s character was with the Wall Street Journal, during which she explained her departure from Hallmark.

“My heart wants to tell stories that have more meaning and purpose and depth behind them,” Bure told the WSJ of her decision to leave the network and move to Great American Family as chief creative officer. “I knew that the people behind Great American Family were Christians that love the Lord and wanted to promote faith programming and good family entertainment.”

This homophobic dog whistle of an excuse for departing didn’t go unnoticed. Bure was dragged by the Internet at Large for her comments, and Burton seemed to be leading the pack.

“Bigot. I don’t remember Jesus liking hypocrites like Candy,” Burton wrote on Twitter. “But sure. Make your money, honey. You ride that prejudice wave all the way to the bank.”

Great American Family Founder and former Hallmark CEO Bill Abbott followed up on Bure’s comments, saying that “It’s certainly the year 2022, so we’re aware of the trends,” referring to LGBTQ-driven films and suggesting sexuality is a trend. (It’s not.) “There’s no whiteboard that says, ‘Yes, this’ or ‘No, we’ll never go here.’”

Abbott left Hallmark in 2020 following a controversy about the removal of an ad on the channel featuring a same-sex couple.

“Now they’re just openly admitting their bigotry,” Burton responded. “I called this sh*t out years ago when Abbott was at Hallmark. Glad they dumped him. Being LGBTQ isn’t a ‘trend.’ That guy and his network are disgusting. You too, Candy. There is nothing untraditional about same-sex couples.”

As of now, Burton seems to be the only celebrity calling out the Full House alum’s blatant homophobic comments. The Holiday Sitter airs on December 11 on the Hallmark Channel.

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