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How Tall Is Peppa Pig? The Answer Is Going To Blow Your Kid’s Mind

This (not so) little piggy could be headed to the NBA.

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Peppa Pig's rumored height has the internet mind-boggled.
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Fans — kids and adults alike — adore Peppa Pig. With a voice and personality as charismatic as hers, it's easy to see why the British animated TV series of the same name has had such huge success since it first premiered in 2004. However, the one question that seems to be on everyone's mind is just how tall Peppa Pig actually is. If your kid hasn't asked this question yet, just wait... it's bound to happen. And what better way to surprise (and impress) your incessant-question-asker than be ready with the answer? Although, how does one even find such a thing out? Well, social media detectives put their snouts together, and their theories are out of this trough.

Peppa has taken young viewers on all sorts of adventures around Peppatown with her friends Rebecca Rabbit, Suzy Sheep, and Candy Cat. Over the course of the show, fans have watched Peppa grow up and experience new things and face new challenges. They've also fallen in love with Peppa's family, including Daddy Piggy, Mummy Piggy, and her little brother George — as have adult viewers as well. But just how tall of genes run in Peppa's family?

In 2019, Twitter user @Memeulous went viral for alerting the internet that Miss Peppa stands 7 feet and 1 inch tall, per Google.

If true, Peppa Pig is the height of seven Subway foot-long sandwiches with a shred of lettuce falling out. Peppa's height is also the average length of a giraffe's neck, and taller than most standard door frames, which means Peppa has to duck everywhere she goes!

Peppa's astounding height sent the Twitterverse into a fit of giggles, and users quickly began throwing out careers Peppa would excel at. With her singing and dancing talents, Peppa clearly has a bright future as a Broadway star. Albeit, sports fans pointed out that Peppa should consider trying out for the NBA given the fact that she's taller than most basketball all-stars, including Kevin Durant (6'10"), LeBron James (6'9"), and Michael Jordan (6'6").

Could you imagine Peppa defending Shaquille O'Neal or, better yet, scoring a slam dunk on him? It isn't that far-fetched of an idea when you realize Peppa and the four-time NBA champ are the same height.

Granted, that height isn’t without controversy. A site called Peppa Pig World claims Peppa is actually 3’9”. And with no official word from the creators of the show, you’ll just have to pick the height you want to share with your kids (or terrify them with, as it were).

If you want to share a bit more verifiable intel about the fictional swine with your favorite little fans, here are a few fun facts to pass along.

An episode of Peppa is banned in Australia.

Gasp! Who would ever ban Peppa? Here’s the deal. In the episode titled “Mister Skinnylegs,” Daddy Pig explains to Peppa that spiders are not to be feared — that they’re quite harmless, in fact.

The episode goes on to show Peppa and her brother George playing with a spider. The problem? There are various species of spiders in Australia that can pose a very serious threat to humans. So, to be safe, that episode does not get air time in the country.

Peppa has her own postage stamps.

Like beloved U.K. characters that have come before her — Paddington Bear, for example — Peppa Pig was featured in a collection of 2012 postage stamps in the country. She’s depicted jumping puddles, because, well, that’s Peppa!

Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed Peppa, too.

Her Majesty was reportedly a Peppa fan just like the rest of us! A 2012 episode of the series featuring the Queen was even made into a children’s book, Peppa Meets the Queen, that was sold at The Buckingham Palace gift shop. Rumor has it QE2 liked to watch the sweet show with her grandkids.

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