Blended Family Life

Kate Hudson Says She Is Crushing Co-Parenting With 3 Different Dads

The actor and mother of three said that she feels she and her exes are "killing it" in terms of successful blended family co-parenting.

Kate Hudson just got candid about co-parenting her three children with three different dads.
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Navigating a blended family is tough, but Kate Hudson thinks she and her three children, each of whom she shares with a separate father, are doing pretty all right. Hudson shares daughter Rani Rose, 4, with her fiancé Danny Fujikawa, son Bingham “Bing,” 11, with ex-fiancé Matt Bellamy, and son Ryder, 18, with her ex-husband Chris Robinson.

"It might not look traditional from the outside, but on the inside I feel like we're killing it," she said of co-parenting with the three fathers in an interview with The Sunday Times. "The unit that I've created with three children with three different fathers is a seriously strong unit, and it's ours."

Hudson is the daughter of Goldie Hawn, and she has always referred to Hawn’s longtime partner Kurt Russell as her dad. She credits their relationship as a model for how to keep the focus on family: “Raising kids is not an easy thing to do. You try to raise them well and hope they make good, solid decisions. My parents are really focused on how they raised us. Family was their priority and we always knew that.”

Hudson had her children between the ages of 26 and 38, and the actor acknowledged how different her parenting has become as she has grown. “I’m definitely more present as a mother now that I’m older. With Ryder, our relationship is so special because I grew up with him. The big learning period of my life and becoming a woman happened as I was being a mother. It was a choice. We wanted to have a baby and it felt instinctual,” she explained.

She said she “didn’t even really put him in school until he was 10.” By the time she had Bing and Rani, however, she felt that she became “far more structured” as a mother.

As to her three co-parents, Hudson only sang their praises. “Ryder is in college and very happy. Chris and I just need to check in once in a while. Matt is so wonderful — I couldn’t have asked for a better co-parent. For me it’s like, you loved this person. That doesn’t just go away, but you can re-establish a different kind of love. You can have an amazing time with an ex-partner because you’re really only focused on the love of your child.”

She and Bellamy’s wife, Elle, have become close friends, and the two families even vacation together.

“My goal in life is that I want to feel love and I want to give love, but I’m also practical, so, one day at a time. I work really hard at relationships because I like them. My parents have done an amazing job of continuing that dance,” the Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery star concluded of her unconventional family structure. Seems like her relationship work has paid off!