Baby Who?

Mandy Moore's 18-Month-Old Son Has 'No Idea' He's About To Be A Big Brother

Many parents can relate to Mandy Moore's sibling situation.

Mandy Moore's son isn't quite aware of his big brother status. Here, she attends the Red Carpet of t...
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Like many self-centered toddlers, Mandy Moore’s son is “entirely unaware” of the fact that he’s about to be a big brother. And who can blame him?!

During a recent chat with People, Moore said that although she points to her belly and says “baby brother” all the time, her 18-month-old son Gus is just going about life as usual.

“He'll say, 'Baby brother,' but he has no idea what's going on," the This Is Us star, 38, said with a laugh. "His level of awareness of the world is just starting to kick in which maybe is for the best because we won't have to deal with the innate jealousy that sometimes comes along with bringing a new sibling into the world."

(It’ll happen, Mandy. But, for now, just bask in his unawareness.)

Moore and her husband, Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith, are set to welcome their second son in the coming weeks so are focused on “really savoring” the quality time with Gus. She canceled the remainder of her In Real Life tour earlier this summer to focus on her health and family.

"To have these last few months where I can just solely dedicate to him and hanging out and again, finding our routine together, it's just been the best,” Moore said.

Mandy Moore, her husband Taylor Goldsmith and Gus.

Moore did admit to Yahoo Life, however, that being pregnant while chasing around a rambunctious tot isn’t easy.

"It's a completely different experience going through this pregnancy,” she said. "It's been incredible to have this, like, unfiltered, unadulterated, just Gus time before he's a big brother, before there's another little man in the picture that will demand a lot of my attention.”

As for this other little man about to join the pack, Moore told People, "We'll figure out how to best introduce the two of them, but yeah, [Gus] has no idea what's about to hit him.”

Lots of crying, dirty diapers and snuggles, that’s what!