The 'Mean Girls' Reboot Trailer Dropped & Millennials Are Triggered By The Tagline

"This isn't your mother's 'Mean Girls'..."

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The full Mean Girls reboot trailer dropped today, featuring some familiar faces (Tina Fey and Tim Meadows) as well as some new additions (Reneé Rapp and Christopher Brinley) to the world of North Shore High.

The movie, which is actually a film adaptation of the award-winning broadway show, Mean Girls, which is an adaptation of the 2004 film (Are you still with me?), takes a new angle on the original story of the rise and fall of The Plastics.

Much like the 2004 version, the new Mean Girls musical movie will follow teenager Cady Heron, who transfers to North Shore High School and devises a plan with new pals, Janis Ian and Damon to infiltrate The Plastics, a popular clique led by none other than resident mean girl herself, Regina George.

There’s also set to be several musical numbers from the broadway production throughout the film. Though you would absolutely never know this from the new trailer, but that’s another story for another day!

Featuring Olivia Rodrigo's “Get Him Back!”, the trailer starts out with the warning: “This is not your mother's Mean Girls.”

Excuse me? *clutches pearls*

The irony of trying to sH*t on the original Mean Girls film while remaking the original Mean Girls film is as ironic as it gets, if you ask me. I get that there definitely needs to be differences between this new movie and the 2004 version, but I thought that’s what the musical element was for?

I am not the only millennial confused and triggered by this offensive dig at our generation, several are speaking their minds (and feeling so old) about the new Mean Girls movie trailer and letting their feelings out on social media.

One user wrote on Twitter, “I cannot tell you how triggered I am by the "this isn't your mother's mean girls." YOUR MOTHER???? YOUR MOTHER???!!!!”

Another tweeted, “I realize this is small potatoes, but Mean Girls is a brilliant film about internalized misogyny. And "this isn't your mom's [x]" is a tagline meant to tap into the internalized misogyny daughters have for their mothers.”

“OMG, I just realized that when they say, "This isn't your mother's Mean Girls," I AM THE MOTHER. They mean people like ME. I am going to go weep into my cup of herbal tea...,” another joked.

“The tag line ‘this isn't your mother's ‘Mean Girls’ hits hard but not in the way they wanted. Girls who were fans of a teen comedy 20 years ago should be mothers now but I get the feeling a lot of them aren't,” another wrote.

One person came to Tina Fey’s defense and said, “When it says "not your mother's mean girls" that's Tina Fey talking to herself. She was 33 for the og Mean Girls. Her daughter is 18! My fellow Millennials please chill.”

Other millennial users decided to make the tagline into a meme, posting photos of what they would consider “your mother’s mean girls” including The Golden Girls cast, the bullies from Carrie, and the iconic girls from Jawbreaker. Ouch.

The new Mean Girls movie will be released only in theaters Jan. 12.

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