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Fans Are Reacting To Rihanna's New Baby's Pink Clothes And Feminine Middle Name

The first photos of baby Riot Rose came out yesterday.

After photos of Rihanna's new baby, Riot Rose, were released, fans began speculating about baby’s ge...

The much-anticipated first photos of Rihanna’s new baby came out yesterday, and to no one’s surprise, the baby is just as precious as we all thought they would be.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky introduced their new son — Riot Rose Mayers — through a series of photos where the couple posed with their bundle of joy.

Rihanna donned a jean jacket, black leggings, matching boots, and sleek gold jewelry, while A$AP kept things casual in a white tank top and jeans. In some of the photos, Riot's 1-year-old brother, RZA, sported a multicolored sweatshirt and jeans.

After the photos went mega-viral, fans couldn’t help but wonder what Rihanna’s thinking was behind the pink outfits she chose to put on Riot Rose with some speculating that the baby’s gender was actually that of a girl because there’s just no world where a boy could wear pink! That’s just crazy talk!

After Miles Diggs — the photographer credited for the photos — posted the shots to his Instagram, Rihanna even commented on the clips and wrote, “The Mayers Boyz,” essentially confirming the gender of the new baby.


One Twitter user wrote, “I think a lot of people are confused on whether Riot Rose is a boy or a girl lol cus I’ve been seeing mixed posts.”

Another questioned, “So did Rihanna just have a girl or boy? Lol because Riot Rose in a pink outfit is giving girl for sure”

“Put this man in pink and named him Riot Rose. Not that she should care but you know they gon run w that,” another wrote.


Some speculated that maybe Riot Rose was not a boy after all, suggesting that the gender of the baby was never confirmed.

“Idk if Rihanna is trolling. The baby’s name is Riot Rose, dressed only in pink. And it’s boy? She’s winding us all,” one Twitter user said.

“I hope y’all realized that neither Rihanna nor A$AP Rocky has confirmed the gender of Baby Riot Rose… and neither did the photographer. Is it possible that everyone might be in for a shock?” one user theorized.


One user agreed and said, “Facts. I think it’s a girl! They wanna play with the ppl.”

While some continued to think that Rihanna was up to something, others defended her decision to dress Riot Rose in pink, slamming others for not being able to fathom a little boy wearing something other than blue.

“Naming him Riot Rose and putting him in pink is kinda iconic. Cmon ambiguity!!” one user wrote.

Another said, “The baby is a boy. Rocky himself says he likes to wear pearls, pinks and colours that are deemed feminine in order to show that confidence in his masculinity. Same thing they did with Riot Rose. Even his name is a juxtaposition. Love it.”

One user pointed out that Rihanna has been pretty clear with her feelings on gender norms and clothing.

“I know but Riot Rose is wearing floral pink socks, but Rihanna said she’ll dress her kids regardless of gender norms so that makes sense,” they said.

Rihanna has previously explained why she likes to dress her sons in pink and floral patterns, opening up about her choices in a March interview with British Vogue.

“One of my favorite outfits he has is a miniature version of one of Rocky's,” Rihanna told the outlet, speaking of the kilt she had made for RZA.

“I like to dress him in things that don't look like baby clothes. I like to push it. I put him in floral stuff. I put him in hot pink. I love that. I think that fluidity in fashion is best. I always shop in the men's department, you know.”

Seems like all signs are pointing to the baby being a boy, like she said, and she’s just more open to putting her child in clothing that is not “typically” seen on boys. How about we just let Rihanna have her special moment with her family’s new addition, dress them however she pleases, and enjoy the cute baby photos instead of speculating about the baby’s gender, please!