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Ryan Reynolds Has Been Wearing His Kids' Adorable Handmade Jewelry All Summer

The actor hasn't taken off the colorful homemade bracelets for even the biggest events and TV spots.

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Now this is a fashion statement. While many other A-list celebrities are sporting jewels that cost more than most people make in a year, Ryan Reynolds has upgraded to bracelets that are literally priceless.

The actor and notable girl dad has been wearing three bracelets that are obviously not manufactured by Tiffany’s or Gucci — but more likely handmade by 7-year-old James, 5-year-old Inez, and possibly 2-year-old Betty, the latter perhaps with assistance from a big sister.

The accessories seem to be made up of three bracelets (perhaps one from each kid?). One says DAD, while the other two consist of a rainbow of beads, all tied with string. Who knows if it’s because anything looks good on him, but paired with his Apple Watch and its colorful band, the overall look is kidcore trendy and completely charming.

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Yes, this one goes out to all the parents out there who have proudly worn pasta necklaces, acorns on strings, and other very special accessories just because we love our kids (although the acorn on a string is actually objectively pretty cool and I get tons of compliments).

The bracelets have made plenty of cameos this summer, including but not limited to his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night, giving a lecture about storytelling in Cannes, France, hanging out with partner Blake Lively in New York City, watching his soccer team playing in the semi-finals, or just talking a walk.

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Scary Mommy tracked at least one of the three bracelets back to February, where he didn’t seem to blink before wearing his one-of-a-kind look on the red carpet.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether he’s sporting a muted, neutral suit or a bright, fun summer shirt: these bracelets go with everything.

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This is only the latest evidence that Ryan Reynolds is a stand-up dad.

Last year, the actor announced he was taking a break from movie-making to spend more time with his kids, saying, “I want my kids to have a pretty normal schedule... I think it’s totally important for their development and I really enjoy being a present dad. I love taking them to school in the morning, I love picking them up. I love that I have the hours in between to focus on the things that I’m really passionate about... it’s a juggling act.”

And he has a long history of being involved with his kids, being honest about parenting, and giving his wife credit for all she does, too. Sounds like those bracelets are well deserved.

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