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Freeze! Let's Investigate Buddy Workplace Comedies Like 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

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Shows Like Brooklyn Nine Nine

There are shows we watch because we’re bored, and then there are shows we make time to watch even when life is crazy busy. Brooklyn Nine-Nine most definitely fell into the second category for us. While it might have been “just another” sitcom, it brought a welcome reprieve from an otherwise stressful and overwhelming life, much like Parks and Recreation and The Office before Nine-Nine came around. And since the last episode has now officially aired (*sob*), we know we need to start to find a replacement show.

Even as a comedy, the show wasn’t without its drama. Watching Amy Santiago and Jake Peralta come together and then watching Jake do, well, all kinds of dumb stuff and almost ruin their relationship certainly had its tense moments. But, even when exploring Captain Holt’s backstory and learning of his history as a gay cop, the show found a way to keep things light, airy, and downright hysterical. Nine-Nine left a big gap in our schedules (and hearts) each time a season came to an end — a fact that has never felt truer now that the series is over.

Since you’ve probably already consider yourself a Dunderhead (if you haven’t, we’ll get into it down below), you need something new to fill the Jake-Peralta-sized void. So, as you say goodbye to this beloved team, say hello to these other binge-worthy shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Shows Like Brooklyn Nine-Nine

1. Reno 911! (2003- )

On the surface, Brooklyn Nine-Nine seemed exactly like this “classic.” A situational workplace comedy about cops? Uh, definitely the same. But Reno takes Brooklyn’s goofiness and amps it up significantly. While the Nine-Nine has a pretty decent group of cops, nearly everyone in Reno‘s police department seems downright incompetent. It’s obscenely funny and absurd.

2. The Office (2005-2013)

Yes, it’s another workplace comedy. But there’s a bigger connection here — Michael Schur, who wrote and produced for both Brooklyn and The Office, plus a few others on the list. Both show’s casts are lead by a well-meaning boss, but where Dunder Mifflin’s Michael Scott is often incompetent and oblivious, Captain Holt is all-knowing and incredibly in-tune with his team.

3. Superstore (2015-2021)

Listen. Lis-ten. If you’ve ever worked a day in retail, you know how 1000 percent perfect and realistic Superstore truly was during its several-season run. The show was wildly funny but also realistic (at times) and even gut-wrenching (like when the entire team tried to hide Mateo from ICE). And, yes, just like Nine-Nine, we got to witness a little bit of workplace romance. Though, quite honestly, we loved Amy and Jonah way more than Amy and Jake.

4. Parks and Recreation (2009-2015)

While haters will say that Parks and Rec (another Michael Schur show, by the way) felt just like The Office, fans will tell you it’s not true. Parks and Rec offered something more nuanced with sweeter characters who were more lovable and more competent. Even Andy and Jerry had jobs they were good at doing… kind of. And the waffle-loving queen of compliments Leslie Knope? She was the best boss anyone could ask for while still being a bit of a screw-up sometimes. And, hello, Ron Swanson? Somehow both Diaz and Captain Holt reminded us of Ron Swanson at one point or another, without ever seeming like they were direct rip-offs of his character. The cast dynamic for Parks and Rec was truly lovely to witness, and we miss this show even more than we miss Nine-Nine.

5. M*A*S*H (1972-1983)

M*A*S*H got dark sometimes. Like, real dark. That happens when you base a show in the middle of a warzone. Still, it was hilarious and offered its own unique mix of lovable and hateable characters. Just like with Brooklyn, there were pranks, romance, and even not just one but two charming bosses. M*A*S*H‘s series finale broke viewing records that still hold up today, when way more homes have televisions. If you’ve never given it a chance because it’s “old,” this is your sign to watch a few episodes and fall in love with Hawkeye, Trapper, Hot Lips, and the rest of the crew at the 4077.

6. Scrubs (2001-2010)

Scrubs is so close to Brooklyn Nine-Nine that we’d be idiots not to include it. Sure, it takes place in a hospital instead of a police precinct, but that might just be where the differences end. No nonsense boss? Check. Screw-up lead male? Check! Goofy, well-meaning sidekick? Check! Love interest? Check! What are you doing, Dorothy? Go watch Scrubs!

7. Veronica Mars (2004-2019)

If you were low-key into the actual crime-fighting that happened with the Nine-Nine, maybe you should try getting to know Veronica Mars. First, and possibly most important, it stars America’s one and only sweetheart forever, Kristen Annie Bell. The show followed the titular Mars as a young, once-popular high school student and daughter of a private detective as she attempted to solve the mystery of who killed her best friend. Along the way, she solves a ton of smaller unrelated mysteries and, like all amateur detectives, finds herself in tons of sticky situations — both tense and laughable. Also, and this bears repeating, Kristen Bell.

8. 2 Broke Girls (2011-2017)

A spoiled heiress and a rugged girl become best of friends when they begin working together as waitresses. Unfortunately, both women are strapped for cash, but this doesn’t stop their lives from being rich in adventure and comedy. The jokes in this show are up-to-date, fresh, and a little risqué. Above all, 2 Broke Girls is about two best friends trying to make a name for themselves on their own dime.

Even More Feel-Good Shows Like Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  1. Psych (2006-2014)
  2. The IT Crowd (2006-2013)
  3. Better Off Ted (2009-2010)
  4. 30 Rock (2006-2013)
  5. Police Squad! (1982)
  6. Spin City (1996-2002)
  7. The Thin Blue Line (1995-1996)
  8. Space Force (2020- )
  9. The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret (2009-2016)
  10. Veronica’s Closet (1997-2000)
  11. The Drew Carey Show (1995-2004)
  12. The Mindy Project (2012-2017)
  13. Monk (2002-2009)
  14. Wings (1990-1997)
  15. Tacoma FD (2019- )
  16. Bones (2005-2017)
  17. Just Shoot Me! (1997-2003)
  18. Dr. Ken (2015-2017)
  19. Kitchen Confidential (2005-2006)
  20. Suddenly Susan (1996-200o)
  21. Vexed (2010-2012)
  22. Cheers (1992-1993)
  23. The Mysteries of Laura (2014-2016)
  24. Pretty Smart (2021- )

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