baby, let the games begin!

You Need To Make These Hilarious Taylor Swift-Themed Appetizers For Your Super Bowl Party

Everyone’s going to be making Pigs In A Blank Space this year.

One Swiftie turned to the Taylor Swift Reddit page for help with some food and drink ideas for her g...
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By now, no one should ever underestimate the creativity and dedication of Taylor Swift fans aka Swifties. They are in a class of their own when it comes to fandom. This dedicated group of devotees more or less led to record-breaking NFL ratings this season and an over 330 million dollar increase in value.

This is the same year that Swift began dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce, and regularly attending games. Fans started tuning in, hoping to catch a glimpse of the pop star. That is no coincidence.

Now that the Chiefs are headed to Super Bowl 58 in Las Vegas, Swifites have the important (and maybe foreign) tasks of prepping to host or attending a Super Bowl party. As per the fandom, this means there will be endless Taylor Swift-themed Super Bowl parties happening all over the country. One Swiftie turned to the Taylor Swift Reddit page for help with some food and drink ideas for her get-together.

“Hi all! I actually am a huge Eagles fan and a swiftie lol and since my team didn’t make it this year I want to do a Taylor Swift themed Super Bowl party and was hoping for some ideas for cute appetizer ideas/drinks/decor etc,” a Reddit user asked on the page.

Several Reddit users chimed in with their ideas for Taylor Swift-themed food and drink with puns so perfect you’d think the songstress herself had penned them. Some of the best included:

  • My Beers Ricochet
  • This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Wings
  • Back To Decemburgers
  • Evers’mores
  • Deli-cut or Death by a Thousand cuts
  • Should’ve Said Nachos
  • Illicit Eclairs
  • No Body, No Wine
  • Tayter Tots
  • Invisible String Cheese
  • “Seven” Layer Dip
  • Now That We Don’t Guac

Some other deeper cuts suggested were chicken tenders with ketchup and seemingly ranch which is a throwback to Swift’s meal at her first public appearance at Kelce’s game. In a photo from the game that went viral, Swift posed next to a plate of chicken tenders, ketchup, and what appeared to be ranch dressing.

A popular X account called @tswifterastour, re-shared the photo with the caption, “Taylor Swift was eating a piece of chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch!” The hilariously mundane detail soon went viral and became an inside joke between Swifites.

Another Reddit user suggested the party thrower bake a batch of Swift’s famous chai sugar cookies.

TikTok user Reagan Baylee posted a video, praising Swifites for their creativity while listing off a few more Swift-themed dishes.

“My favorites Welcome to New Pork, Dancing with our Hams Tied, Look What You Made Me Fondue, Antipasta Hero, that's an easy one,” she says in the video.

“Paper Onion Rings, I Knew You Were Truffle Dip, It Was Enchanting To Meat You Meatballs, Coney Island Corn Dogs. This one's creative — Stolen Quiches, Pretty Lies. Everybody should be using veggies and seemingly ranch.”

“I feel like the NFL bros are gonna just absolutely lose their minds,” she joked.

If someone had told me a year ago, that Ms. Taylor Swift, in the midst of Midnights and Eras tour ticket madness, would become even more popular and talked about with Swifites throwing Super Bowl parties, I would have told you you’re dreaming, but here we are!

Baby, let the games begin and bon appetite!