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Unicorn Academy Season 2 Introduces An Adorable Magical Foal In Exclusive Clip

The second season of the magical boarding school set series premieres June 27 on Netflix.

Courtesy of Netflix

It’s hard enough to tell your kids they can’t bring home every stray kitten they see, so imagine the drama that would ensue if they found a wild baby unicorn. That’s exactly what happens in Scarymommy’s exclusive clip from Season 2 of Netflix’s Unicorn Academy; only it’s Ava’s fellow students trying to convince her to return the foal to the wild before they all get expelled from their magical boarding school.

Ava has other plans, though — like throwing the little one a baby shower since they’re the only family it has now. (No one tell the adorable pig-tailed teen how baby showers work; we want to see how this plays out.)

The charming clip is the perfect tease for the second season of the streamer’s hit kids’ show. Set against the backdrop of a boarding school situated on the aptly named Unicorn Island, this gentle series emphasizes the values of found families, adventure, and determination while also just being a good time. Think Harry Potter with brighter colors and way more unicorns.

The full-length trailer hints at plenty of drama to go along with the show’s lighter moments. As Sophia and her unicorn Wildstar embark on a quest to find her missing father, a mysterious stranger lurks on the island, plotting to steal all of the shooting stars. Season 2 is set to include a 44-minute special, as well as nine standard-length episodes for kiddos (and maybe even their parents) to enjoy.

“The allure of Unicorn Academy’s characters with their unbreakable bonds and magical adventures has captivated audiences around the world,” said Jennifer Dodge, Spin Master’s President of Entertainment, in a press release. “The journey is far from over, as Chapter Two of Unicorn Academy promises fans more extraordinary moments and new tales of friendship and adventure.”

In addition to the new season, Spin Master and Netflix are ensuring kids can conjure up their own Unicorn Academy adventures with a new line of toys now available in stores. Among the offerings are Sophia and Light Magic Wildstar, a set that includes a doll version of the fan-favorite character alongside her beloved unicorn, and Rainbow Light-up Wildstar, a unicorn toy that responds to touch with magical lights and sounds. The light-up Wildstar also plays two songs from the show — “Follow Your Heart” and “There Is a Light”— which your little one can unlock.

The combo of toys and a new season means kids can keep the Unicorn Academy story alive onscreen and off this summer and beyond. And, let’s be real, the new toys will make shopping for your unicorn-obsessed child’s next birthday a breeze — especially if they can’t get enough of Sophia and Wildstar’s special bond on the show.

Unicorn Academy products are currently available at Amazon, Target, and Walmart. Meanwhile, Season 2 of the series premieres June 27 on Netflix.