20+ Popular Finnish Last Names/Surnames And Meanings

20+ Finnish Last Names That’ll Make You Want To Visit Helsinki

January 2, 2020 Updated February 26, 2020

Finnish Last Names
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Surnames are great ways for us to connect with our ancestors. Like Swedish and Norwegian last names, Finnish last names are part of the Scandinavian name family. All three of these countries have a mix of patronymic names and names that refer to a geographical location where a family lived.

We’ve compiled a list of popular Finnish last names and their meanings. Since so many refer to a location, lots of these names are related to nature. Take a look and see if your surname is below!

finnish last names
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  1. Korhonen
    Meaning: Uncertain but likely comes from the word ‘korho’, meaning a person of poor hearing.
  2. Virtanen
    Meaning: Small stream.
  3. Ruoho
    Meaning: Grass.
  4. Lehtonen
    Meaning: Small grove or forrest.
  5. Halla
    Meaning: Frost.
  6. Kanerva
    Meaning: Heather.
  7. Mäkinen
    Meaning: Small hill.
  8. Nieminen
    Meaning: Small peninsula.
  9. Järvinen
    Meaning: Small lake.
  10. Heikkinen
    Meaning: Home ruler.
  11. Koskinen
    Meaning: Small rapids.

    finnish last names
  12. Seppälä
    Meaning: Blacksmith.
  13. Hämäläinen
    Meaning: A person from Tavastia, a historical province in Finland.
  14. Kivi
    Meaning: Stone.
  15. Laaksonen
    Meaning: Valley.
  16. Jokinen
    Meaning: River.
  17. Ranta
    Meaning: Shore.
  18. Nurmi
    Meaning: Field or pasture.
  19. Peura
    Meaning: Deer.
  20. Aalto
    Meaning: Wave.
  21. Vanhanen
    Meaning: Old.

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