Hungry For Fun? Try These 12 Scrumptious Food Coloring Pages

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Food Coloring Pages
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Mmm, food. What can we say about food that hasn’t already been said? Food’s fantastic. Scrumptious. It feeds the soul. Of course, if you have a fussy little one, food might not be as popular of a pastime. However, engaging your picky-eating preschooler with some food coloring pages might do the trick. With the following free printables ready for color, we cover all the bases. From stews to sandwiches to tacos, we’ve got all the favorites that most kids enjoy. If you want to encourage your little ones’ appetite for the wonders of food, include them in this delightfully mouthwatering DIY activity.

We put together some of the most delicious, yummiest pages featuring tasty meals for your coloring enjoyment. And while your little artist is filling them in, you can fill them in on some interesting facts about foods. For example, pizza is the most popular food consumed in the world. Also, Caesar salad originated in Mexico. Or did you know honey is made from nectar and bee vomit? Well, maybe you’ll want to skip that last one.

Basically, there are myriad reasons why food is so amazing. You’ll have a deliciously fun time bringing these food coloring pages to life. And if you want to cap off your afternoon with something sweet, try our dessert-themed printables, including cake coloring pages, cupcake coloring pages, donut coloring pages, and ice cream coloring pages.

Free Printable Food Coloring Pages

Food Page No. 1

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Soups are so versatile. They come in so many different flavors, including sweet and savory. Plus, they can be consumed hot or cold, depending on the region’s climate where they’re served. The earliest archaeological evidence for the consumption of our soup-eating ancestors dates back to 6,000 B.C. The flavor? Hippopotamus soup.

Food Page No. 2

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Who doesn’t like a good Taco Tuesday? Not many, because Americans eat a ton of tacos — about 4.5 billion every year. Tacos, which originated in Mexico over a thousand years ago, are made of a folded tortilla and can include many different toppings and ingredients, including beef, pork, chicken, seafood, lettuce, cheese, guacamole, tomatoes, and lots more. (Brb, drooling.)

Food Page No. 3

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Who would’ve guessed that a deep-fried onion would taste so good? Onion rings are said to have been created around 1910, with the first recipe appearing in a Crisco ad in 1933. A&W often gets credit for popularizing onion rings in fast-food restaurants, introducing this tasty staple to its menu in the 1960s. We’ve said “I do” ever since.

Food Page No. 4

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Joey from Friends loved sandwiches, and we can definitely relate. A delicious sandwich is like a warm hug. Grilled, fried, toasted, or plain: There are so many ways (not to mention types of bread) to enjoy a good sammie. It’s also an excellent food-making activity to enjoy with little ones.

Food Page No. 5

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Soup’s on! What’s your favorite soup to cook for your family? Does your little one have a favorite soup? If not, you might want to look through some recipes together and pick out one to try to cook together.

Food Page No. 6

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Choosing and buying healthy groceries to cook for you and your family is a great example to pass on to your children. Regular grocery shopping is known to help you make healthier food choices, stay organized, and commit to cooking at home. Make it fun with your kids and get them involved by asking them to help with the shopping list and finding items in the store.

Food Page No. 7

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When eaten in moderation, fast food is delicious and — let’s be real — a good time. Make it healthier for you and your family by reducing how often you eat fast food and making sure to choose meals packed with veggies and lean protein.

Food Page No. 8

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Teaching kids about healthy eating needn’t be challenging (even with the pickiest kids). By cooking more meals at home, getting them involved with grocery shopping and preparing meals, and making healthy snacks available, you’ll be showing them just how easy and fun eating healthy can be.

Food Page No. 9

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Here’s a fun game to try with your little one: if you were given the choice of the three snacks above, which one would you choose, throw away, and give away? Do you know what the first hotdog was called? The answer is dachshund, and it was created by a German butcher named Johann Georghehner.

Food Page No. 10

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Chinese food takeout is one of the most popular food options in the world. And, although you may not have realized this, authentically prepared Chinese food is one of the healthiest options out there. Fun fact? You never eat the same dish twice in China, and there are eight culinary cuisines in the country.

Food Page No. 11

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The first pancakes originated from Rome during the first century AD. They were called alita dolicia, which means “another sweet” in Latin. Did you know the biggest pancake ever made was almost 50 feet in diameter and weighed more than 6,600 pounds?

Food Page No. 12

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Do you know why sundae is spelled sundae? It’s because Chester Platt, a drugstore owner in Ithaca, New York, wanted to trademark the word Sunday. But he had to settle for the one that ended in an “e.” Platt is the man behind the first sundae, which he made with cherry syrup and ice cream.

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