Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade's Daughter Kaavia Is The Cutest Home School Teacher

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s 3-year-old daughter Kaavia turned the tables on her mom and dad, playing home school teacher — and yes, she is tough

As we round the bend on two full years of trying to find a sense of normalcy with your kids during a global pandemic and we get it, you’re tired. Trying to balance a household amid switching between remote learning and in-person classes (and the trials and tribulations that come along with both options) is enough to test the patience of even the most chill parents out there. Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade came up with what might be the most genius option of all, letting their 3-year-old daughter, Kaavia James Union Wade, run the show during home school, and trust us, she is one tough little teacher.

Union shared an Instagram video of her tiny teacher in action, serving up a lesson or two for her parents in her outdoor playhouse. Wearing the cutest set of rainbow PJs, Kaavia can be seen going over the details of her upcoming “lesson,” which includes “a bird, a coconut, and a monster.” (LOL.)

Kaavia twirls around excitedly to discuss “spwash spwash in the water,” with her mom giving a hilariously surprised look at the camera over her stern little lady’s lesson plan. When Wade and the family’s chef, Richard Ingraham (casual!), raise their hands to use the bathroom, Kaavia permits them to go, but not before adding, “You come back to school.”

Union tells Kaavia that she thinks dad was “trying to go to the bathroom to try to get out of school,” and naturally, Kaavia was having none of that. “Oh, they’re coming back,” she replied. looking at the NBA pro, and declaring, “You’re coming back. Oh, you’re coming back, daddy.”

When Wade asks, “What are we learning about?” Kaavia starts spelling out her name, replying, “K-a-a-v-i-a.” Union then quips, “So, it’s Kaavia’s school where we learn about Kaavia.”

It seems Kaavia’s tenure as a home school teacher was hilariously short-lived, as her parents shared a video from her “exit interview” on her Instagram page. Showing off her impressive climbing and headstand skills, Kaavia enthusiastically said, “Watch this, everybody.” The clip was captioned, “Returning to the office makes you more productive…. My department 1st day back,” adding, “Can’t wait for my next evaluation. Gonna go head & get ready for this exit interview” in the text of the video.

If we were part of the administration at Kaavia’s home school, we’d give her a solid A+ on her expert-level lesson planning and ability to command a full classroom. On top of all that, she can climb and do headstands too? That’s what we call a triple threat. Bravo, baby K!