Giraffe Coloring Pages For The Days You Have Your Head In The Clouds

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Giraffe Coloring Pages
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When asked about favorite animals, many children choose giraffes — and it makes sense why. They’re the tallest mammals on Earth, which is completely fascinating. They also seem pretty gentle. That may be because giraffes are herbivores, preferring to eat leaves from trees. While the best place to see giraffes is at a zoo, many closures may make it a tough trip to make. But at least these giraffe coloring pages should entertain kids while social distancing is still in full effect.

Giraffe coloring pages are also a great way to learn more about giraffe facts. While coloring them in, you can make it an educational experience. Here are two pieces of trivia to get you started. Did you know that a giraffe’s heart is two feet long? It’s true! And according to The San Diego Zoo, giraffes only have two actual predators in nature — lions and crocodiles. ·

Now that you know, you’ll feel an even stronger connection to these giraffe coloring pages. Once you finish coloring these long-necked friends, check out even more fantastical animal printables like octopus coloring pages, unicorn coloring pages, penguin coloring pages, and flamingo coloring pages.

Free Giraffe Coloring Pages

Giraffe No. 1

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This giraffe looks like it’s on its way to a fancy party! With its big ol’ smile, it might be related to Geoffrey the Giraffe from Toys “R” Us fame. There are a bunch of fun spots to color in with this one, making it a wonderful way to pass the time. Fun fact: Do you know why giraffes are such gentle giants? Well, they have pretty big hearts. It can grow up to two feet long and weigh up to 25 pounds. Once upon a time, they were also referred to as camel leopards! Sadly, giraffes are extinct in seven African countries.

Giraffe No. 2

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This giraffe is almost the opposite in certain ways. While its spots are pre-filled, there’s a lot more surface to color in. With a vibrant smile like that, you should feel free to use neon colors. Or, hey, why not go a bit wild? This giraffe would also benefit from a sparkle pen, especially for the fur in its tail.

Giraffe No. 3

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Looking for a simple, yet sweet giraffe to color in? This one may be just the pick. A bold yellow would look exuberant, but any color choice would look nice on this precious fellow. Fun fact: Female giraffes give birth standing up and their babies fall about six feet to the ground!

Giraffe No. 4

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So far, this giraffe is the most basic of the bunch. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a blast to color! Based on the assortment of spots, we recommend a rainbow motif. And don’t let that cute face fool you. When faced with a predator, a giraffe can run away, but it can also deliver a deadly kick that can even kill a lion. Giraffes are so tough they don’t even need to drink water regularly. They can survive by drinking every few days.

Giraffe No. 5

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Maybe you’d like to color a slightly more realistic giraffe. Well, this guy would be perfect. In this drawing, you can really see how long a giraffe’s neck is. Reportedly, their necks are six feet long and weigh a whopping 600 pounds! That’s yet another reason why they’re such cool creatures. In addition to their long necks, they also have really long tongues that are up to 20 inches long! Did you know there are four types of giraffes: The northern giraffe, southern giraffe, reticulated giraffe, and Masai giraffe.

Giraffe No. 6

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Without any spots, this giraffe is a clean slate! You should definitely get creative and add your own. You should also draw in a big tree, where this giraffe is pulling his leaves from. Or you can even omit the tree and pretend this giraffe is sticking out its tongue. Giraffes often have dark blue or black tongues, in case you want to make it realistic. Fun fact: Giraffes don’t sleep that much at all. Within a day, they only need about five to 3o minutes’ worth of sleep. They also eat about 77 pounds of food a day.

Giraffe No. 7

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On the topic of cartoonish giraffes, this one takes the cake. He looks straight out of a cartoon show or comic book. You know what that means, right? You should embrace crazy colors and designs while coloring him in. And doesn’t he just look like an absolute sweetheart? In real life, giraffes are totally chill and the least territorial animal in the kingdom. Other giraffes are free to hang out in their space whenever they feel like it. And did you know that a giraffe’s foot is about a foot long? Those are some big shoes to fill!

Giraffe No. 8

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This giraffe has a youthfulness about it, don’t you think? You can try your hand at drawing parents in the background, or maybe you could add an interesting and scenic environment. Who knows? Maybe this giraffe is uncharacteristically hanging out at the beach. And fun fact: Giraffes are the third heaviest animal next to elephants and rhinos, which rank first and second, respectively. Their spots are also like human fingerprints. Each one is unique and no two giraffes have the same pattern.

Giraffe No. 9

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Learning about shapes at home with your toddler? This coloring page has your back. You can have your toddler point out the squares and ovals, and then color them in. Not only is this bound to be a fridge-worthy coloring page, but it also doubles as an educational activity.

Giraffe No. 10

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Finally, this goofy buddy is a great way to express your love of giraffes. He seems to have a lot of character already, so adding vivid colors will only enhance that more. Remember, you don’t always have to color things realistically — that’s part of the magic of coloring. Don’t shy away from bright and shining colors, especially since they’d suit this particular coloring page quite well.

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