70 'How I Met Your Mother' Trivia Questions To Take You To MacLaren's

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How I Met Your Mother Trivia

Some people genuinely love Friends or Seinfeld. For some of us, though, the only set of NYC-based friends that really matter are Ted, Robin, Barney, Marshall and Lily. Their shenanigans were just as often over-the-top as those other groups of friends, but there was something more real, genuine and relatable about the gang from How I Met Your Mother.

We loved them from the very start — we wanted to see Ted and Robin end up together and wanted to see Barney score… even when he was being a total sexist pig. (So, 90% of the time.) How much do you remember about the group’s journey through adulthood? Test your knowledge with this chunk of How I Met Your Mother trivia questions that range from easy to hard and everywhere in between.

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1. Where does HIMYM take place?


2. In what year is Ted talking to his kids and narrating the episodes?


3. What’s the name of the bar where the friends hang out?

MacLaren’s Pub

4. What’s the name of the bar the boys want to open?


5. What college did Ted, Marshall and Lily all go to?

Wesleyan University

6. Which company did Ted, Marshall and Barney all work for at one point?

Goliath National Bank

7. How often does the “naked man maneuver” work?

Two out of three times

8. What’s the name of the gang’s most familiar bartender?


9. What instrument does Ted steal for Robin?

A French horn

10. What color is the instrument?


11. Who does Barney think to be his father?

Bob Barker

12. What’s in Barney’s suitcase when he and Ted fly to Philly?

Condoms… and a protein bar

13. What’s the name of Barney’s revenge play?

Suck it, Lily

14. What word does Barney use throughout the play to agitate a certain someone?


15. What is the name of Barney’s brother?


16. What did Barney have to wear for a year after losing a bet?

A ducky tie

17. How many times is Marshall allowed to slap Barney?


18. What is Barney’s most hated nickname?


19. Why does Barney go to San Francisco?

To convince Lily to come back to Marshall and New York.

20. How old was Barney when he lost his virginity?


21. Who is Barney’s doppleganger?

A doctor. Lily and Marshall’s fertility doctor, to be exact

22. Haaaave you met…?


23. Ted gets an embarrassingly awful tattoo in Season 3: Where and what is it?

A butterfly on his lower back

24. What cringe-worthy fashion accessory does Ted love?

His red cowboy boots

25. Before Ted met our mother, which girl left him at the alter?


26. What fruit is on Ted’s bedside table after waking up from a drunken night?

A pineapple

27. What happens on Ted’s 31st birthday?

He gets into a fight with a goat.

28. Who is Ted’s doppelganger?

A Mexican wrestler

29. How many women does Ted date before we meet our mother?


30. When Robin hosts her pre-morning show, what phrase keeps slipping in?

“But, umm…”

31. What is Robin’s full legal name?

Robin Charles Scherbatsky

32. What’s the name of the episode in which Barney finally proposes to Robin?

“The Final Page”

33. What is the name of Robin’s pop star alter ego?

Robin Sparkles

34. Where does Robin move at the beginning of season 4?


35. What song do Barney and Robin dance to in the episode, “The Best Man?”

“Groove Is In The Heart” by Deee-Lite

36. Why do Barney and Robin finally divorce?

Robin travels too much for work.

37. What’s the name of Lily and Marshall’s first son?


38. Who is Lily and Marvin’s son named after?

Marshall’s dad, who dies before Marvin is born

39. How many kids do Lily and Marshall have total?

Three, though we only meet two: Marvin and Daisy

40. Where does Lily move when she breaks off her engagement to Marshall?

San Francisco

41. Who joins in on Marshall’s best burger in the world?

Regis Philbin

42. Which character had a stripper doppelganger?


43. What is one of Marshall’s nickname?

Big Fudge

44. How many days did it take for Marshall to get over his break-up with Lily?


45. What is our mother’s name?


46. Where does Ted meet our mother?

Barney’s wedding

47. What’s the name of our mother’s band?


48. What are the names of their kids?

Luke and Penny

49. What happens to our mother?

She dies in 2024, just a few years after she and Ted get married.

50. What color was Tracy’s umbrella?


51. What is the only line Marshall knows in Italian?

“Andiamo fratello, non Mastroianni tutti i funyuns” meaning “Come on, Bro, Don’t Bogart all the funyuns.”

52. What life-size action figure does Barney have in his apartment?

A stormtrooper.

53. What did Barney want to be when he was young?

A magician.

54. What is the name of Barney’s daughter?


55. What is the name of Robin Sparkles’ big hit?

“Let’s Go To The Mall”

56. Who was almost cast to play Barney instead of Neil Patrick Harris?

The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons

57. Who did Britney Spears play when she guest starred on the show?

Abby, Stella’s receptionist

58. Aside from the show’s creators, which two people knew how the show would end before anyone else?

Lyndsy Fonseca (Penny) and David Henrie (Luke), Ted’s kids, shot all of their seasons during seasons 1 and 2, so they wouldn’t change too much during the course of the show. As such, they always knew how the show would end and had to sign a confidentiality agreement.

59. Who kept the blue French horn after the show ended?

Josh Radnor (Ted)

60. Who voiced “Future Ted” and narrated the episodes accordingly?

Bob Saget

61. What was “eating a sandwich” actually a euphemism for?

Smoking weed

62. The clock in Marshall and Ted’s apartment is always set to what time?


63. What’s the name of Lily and Marshall’s theory on how to be truly happy as a couple?

The Olive Theory

64. Where did Barney first meet Ted and thus became friends with the group?

At a urinal.

65. What is Barney’s real name?

Barnabus Stinson.

66. What Halloween costume does Ted show up in every year?

A voting ballot.

67. What song does Ted overhear Tracy sing before they even met?

La Vie En Rose.

68. When did the series shoot future Ted’s kids’ final reactions to their father’s stories?

All at once at the start of the series, knowing they would age.

69. What is Marshall’s last name?


70. What law school did Marshall attend at the start of the series?

Columbia Law School.

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