11 Arts & Crafts Kits And Ideas That Will Keep Kids Busy (God Willing)

by Rachel Aschenbrand-Robinson
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A sculpted pottery kit and own-painted porcelain bowls representing arts & crafts kits and ideas

Spending tons of time at home means needing to find tons of ways to keep your kids busy. When school isn’t in session and regular activities are on hold, busting out fun craft kits for kids can help to save everyone’s sanity. They can get creative, you can potentially get ten minutes for a phone call (or a shower)— everybody wins!

We’re not just talking about construction paper and crayons, either— though, of course, classic arts and crafts never go out of style. Today’s craft kits for kids include everything from scrapbooking and slime-making to pottery painting, jewelry-making, and knitting. Your little one can make some awesome refrigerator art or your tween can design and create a line of accessories; no matter their interests or skill levels, there’s an art kit for kids to get crafty at any age. Even better? Most come with the necessary materials for making a masterpiece— your kid just provides the imagination.

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Not sure which kit is right for your kiddo? Understandable, there are quite a few options. To help simplify the selection, we narrowed down some of the best craft kits for kids available online now. Whether your little one, or not-so-little one, is into dragons or loves princesses, we think you’ll find something ahead to get his or her creative juices flowing!

Best Arts & Crafts Kits for Kids Under 8:

Best Arts & Crafts Kits for Kids 8+:

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