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These Genius Things For The Backyard Will Make Summer Better

From hammocks to string lights, these highly reviewed items will amp up your backyard space in no time.

Written by Team Scary Mommy
These backyard products are genius and will amp up your space. Pictured: a woman lying in a hammock.
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Ah, summer is here! And with it comes a slew of work to be done to get your outside oasis ready for those warm-weather get-togethers. But once your flower beds are flourishing and your patio or deck is cleaned, you can purchase these highly-rated, genius backyard products and accessories to make your yard a calming space, fun hangout, or entertainer’s dream.

Whether you’re looking to add some illumination to the backyard or fill it up with furniture, these positively reviewed products — including garden lights, sun shades, and hammocks — will have you wanting to spend less time in the air conditioning and more time outside.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Scary Mommy’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


A Gardening Stool So You Don’t Have to Stoop in the Dirt

Are you a gardener? Well, the Abcosport deep-seat garden kneeler-slash-stool makes it convenient and comfortable for you to kneel down in your garden without hurting your knees or back. (Plus, say goodbye to those dirt or grass stains!) Great for weeding, seeding, or planting, the ergonomic garden kneeler and sitting stool — made of heavy-duty metal — comes with a soft EVA foam padding to provide cushion and protection. The 6.7 lb. product is also strong enough to handle a 300 lb. weight limit yet light enough to carry around.


Grow Bags to Cultivate Your Own Potatoes

If you’re interested in growing vegetables in your backyard, this product from Homyhoo is highly rated and makes maintaining plants easy. Made of biodegradable, breathable double-layer non-woven fabric, the bag ensures good ventilation to prevent excessive moisture while also providing more oxygen for your plants. They even come with a flap window so that you can check your plant and easily pick vegetables, along with a strong handle so they can be placed or moved anywhere — from the sunroom to the patio to the back deck. You’ll have a green thumb in no time.


A Light & Roomy Hammock

With a 4.8-star rating, the Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock is a great addition to your backyard space. Coming in single and double sizes, the hammock is comfortable, lightweight, and compact — as it folds up into a storage bag for when you want to take it on the go. And, get this, the single hammock holds up to 400 pounds while the double holds 500 pounds — despite weighing only 16 ounces and 24 ounces, respectively! Date nights on the hammock? Sign us up!


Solar Lights to Illuminate Your Path

These highly rated solar LED lights will make a nice addition to your backyard, as you can place the 6-pack in flower beds, on pathways, or around patios. The black, waterproof bright lights run completely on solar power, turn off and on automatically at dusk and dawn, and are easy to install with plastic stakes. Yard appeal made simple? We’ll take it.


A Classic Electric Bug Eliminator

Bugs got you down? This Lantern Bug Zapper — safe for indoor and outdoor use — will make those worries disappear with the flash of a UV light. Mosquitos, flies, and other insects are attracted to the lantern, which zaps them with its powerful 3000v grid and two 18w bulbs. And if you’re worried about cleanup, the light killer features an insect collection tray to make things fast and easy.


Marshmallow Roasting Skewers for Everyone

Could you go the old-school route and roast marshmallows using a stick or basic wooden skewer? Sure. But the last thing you want is for little fingers to wind up burned, and that’s a distinct possibility without the right tools. These 32-inch roasting and telescoping forks keep everyone a safe distance from the fire. This set even comes with cute little skewer covers to protect tiny fingers from pokes. The stainless steel makes for easy cleanup, and the two-prong design means maximum roasting action.


Tumblers to Keep Your Cocktails Cool

Hanging out in the backyard tends to be an hours-long affair, so you need a beverage container that will keep your libation of choice cool (or hot). These triple-insulated wine coolers boast a double-wall design that keeps drinks hot for up to three hours and cool for up to nine. The shatterproof stainless steel exterior sets in 17 different color configurations, too.


A Packet That Turns Your Campfire Into a Rainbow

Want to make your kids think you’re a wizard? Stock up on these “magical flames.” Just toss one to three unopened pouches right into the fire, and watch your little ones marvel over the vibrant, rainbow-colored flames. And since they last for over an hour, you can enjoy them for a solid hang.


A Toss Ring Game Kids (Of All Ages) Will Love

It’s practically a law of the universe that if you hang this up in your backyard somewhere, anyone who enters the area will immediately be drawn to it. Even if they’ve never played the ring game before, they’ll be — wait for the pun — hooked. This cute surfboard version takes less than five minutes to set up but is good for countless hours of fun as friends and family compete to see who can swing the ring onto the eye hook first.


A Patio Umbrella for Shade

Come rain or shine, you want to be able to enjoy your backyard. This patio umbrella provides the cover you need to do just that. Constructed using heavy-duty fabric and a lightweight aluminum pole with a push-button tilt for more angles, it’ll keep you comfortable while standing up to the elements. Bonus: It comes in 15 color options.


A Magnetic Screen To Keep Bugs Outside

There’s a reason this magnetic screen door has nearly 60,000 reviews on Amazon — people love being able to easily access the backyard without letting every single bug that lives there into the house. Explains one reviewer, “This hanging screen door is amazing. We wanted to keep flies out but allow the dog to go in and out so we don’t have to get up and open the door for him each time. So it functions as a screen and doggie door. Plus, it is easy to go through if you are carrying a tray in your hands. It just gently sweeps aside and clicks back into place because of the magnets.”


A Solar Pathway Light That’s Practically Magical

Why settle for boring pathway lights when you could have these dreamy moon crackle glass versions? This solar-powered garden light charges on the sun’s rays during the day and automatically turns on at night, glowing for up to six hours when fully charged. The crackle glass orb tucked into the cut-out crescent moon gives off an ethereal vibe.


Colorful Crystal Ball Wind Chime Lights

When it comes to backyard products, there’s something irresistible about ones that add a bit of whimsy. At night, these solar-powered wind chimes glow in various colors: red, yellow, green, orange, purple, aqua, and blue. Rainproof and moisture-proof, the durable accessory automatically charges during the day. Want something with a little more flair than hanging orbs? They also come in the shape of butterflies, hummingbirds, and sunflowers.


A Canopy Shade To Shield You From The Sun

We all seem to have a spot in the yard that the sun just beams down on, making it unbearable on especially hot days. If you aren’t ready to spring for the kind of backyard reno that includes a covered porch, this sun shade sail has you covered (literally). Available in six colors and 13 sizes, the high-density polyethylene fabric features a 95% UV block, allowing air and light to pass through while keeping harmful rays out.


Landscaping Pebbles That Glow In The Dark

Listen, if you’ve got the choice between lining your backyard with boring ol’ black or gray pebbles and lining it with ones that glow in the dark, you know what you need to do. These super-cool stones glow for up to two hours in the darkness after a full day in the sun, giving your yard a subtle pop of panache. If you’re not ready to commit to a glowing pathway, try using them to fill potted plants.


Easy-To-Install Deck Tiles

One of the easiest ways to create a luxe vibe in the backyard is to have a deck area ideal for lounging. But, let’s be honest, building a deck is often cost-prohibitive. That’s where these affordable patio deck tiles come in. They come in packs of nine or 27 brown or gray 12- by 12-inch tiles that you can use to configure whatever size space suits your design and budget. The high-quality plastic makes them weather-resistant, and the open drainage design on the underside means water won’t puddle on top. Since they feature an easy-click connection, you don’t even need any super-handy skills to put them together.


Fairy Lights To Add Backyard Sparkle

Nothing can make a backyard look magical faster than fairy lights. Drape them over the pergola. Hang them from the porch. Heck, you could hang them on your fence. These waterfall LED lights allow you to cycle through eight different lighting effects (should you so desire), are safe to touch, and come in two different lengths (9.8 ft and 19.7 ft) for extra versatility.


A Privacy Screen To Keep Nosy Neighbors At Bay

Not keen on your nosy neighbors seeing every single thing you do when you’re hanging out in your backyard? Or maybe you just hate the look of the fence you have but don’t have it in the budget right now to replace it. Either way, this oversized privacy fence screen can help. Available in a multitude of sizes and colors, the high-quality polyethylene construction provides 85% blockage.


An Indoor/Outdoor Accent Rug

You probably already know a rug can dress up any space, but what you may not know is how to find a rug for your backyard that won’t get destroyed by the elements in two weeks' flat. This 100% polypropylene rug by nuLoom was designed with resilience in mind, making it perfect for your backyard patio. It’s aesthetically pleasing, water-resistant, and easy to clean.


Blackout Curtains for Your Patio Or Pergola

Maybe you crave an added layer of peace and quiet on your patio. Or perhaps it’s situated in an area where the sun shines extra-bright, making you feel like you can’t enjoy it without overheating or constantly squinting. Either way, outdoor blackout curtains are the answer. Available in 13 colors, these waterproof panels can block out sunlight and provide provicy.


A Cozy Boho Hammock Chair

If you don’t already have a swinging hammock chair in your backyard, odds are high you’ve seen one at some point and wished you did. Available in three colors, this comfortable seating option adds a ton of visual impact without breaking the bank. Made of soft polyester and cotton with a sturdy wooden bar for balance, it holds up to 330 pounds.


Insta-Worthy Globe Lights

Globe lights... swoon. Seriously, have you ever seen a space with globe lights that didn’t feel like something straight out of a Hallmark movie? These dreamy outdoor string lights boast waterproof technology, so you don’t have to worry about leaving them in your backyard year-round. And since they provide up to 15,000 hours of life for only $34.99 per 48-foot strand, they’re an economical option.


A Multitasking Cooler Table

For the homeowner who loves to host parties in the backyard, there could be no better gift than this double-duty piece. In addition to serving as a standard outdoor table, it contains a pop-up bar and hidden cooler. Yup. The lid elevates upwards of 10 inches above the rim, revealing a 7.5-gallon cooler large enough to keep up to 40 cans (12-ounce) ice cold.


Misters For That Sweet, Sweet Heat Relief

When summer hits, the sun doesn’t mess around. It can make spending time in the backyard feel miserable — unless, that is, you hook your space up with one of these misting cooling systems. Reviewers gush that it’s “easy to install” and “makes a huge difference,” with many promisingly noting that the misting system can take the temp of the immediate area down considerably.


A Super-Fun Circular Tree Swing

Everyone loves a tree swing! Made of durable fabric with a galvanized pipe frame, this saucer swing gives kids a fun and comfy form of entertainment. In fact, there’s another space to accommodate multiple kids lying on the swing together, so you don’t even have to worry about “my turn” squabbles.


The Coolest Fort For Kids

If you’re going for hero status, you can’t go wrong with setting up an AirFort in the backyard. This super-fun play space inflates in fewer than 30 seconds and, at 6.5 feet in diameter and over 4 feet tall, is large enough for kids of all ages. It comes in 15 fun designs, including cute cottages and cabins, a tiki hut, a royal castle, and even a UFO.


A Kids’ Version Of Cornhole

It never fails — the minute the grownups get out the cornhole boards, the kids want to play too. The only problem? Their version of playing involves walking atop the boards and throwing the bags into the pool. But if you have this kid-friendly (read: extra durable) bean bag toss game on hand in your backyard, the kids can have their own cornhole tournament without crashing yours.


A Bluetooth Speaker That Looks Like A Tiki Torch

When you want something that gives you a lot of bang for your buck, consider this little gem. On the surface, it’s an aesthetic LED lamp with a light designed to mimic dancing flames. But it’s also a portable wireless speaker you can connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Thanks to five-watt drivers, the audio could impress any dad.


Rainbow Flood Lights

Want to turn your backyard into a light show? Look no further! This outdoor flood light features 120 RGB colors, four preset modes, one custom mode, and a timing function. It also comes with a high brightness warm white light for those moments you want to keep things subtle. But when you crave colors, you’ll have it — and can easily toggle between colors (or go with multiple) via a handheld remote.


A Mosquito “Shield”

Few things can kill a backyard buzz faster than mosquito bites. Powered by a 12-hour fuel cartridge, this Thermacell gadget creates a 15-foot zone of protection against the flying suckers. No DEET, no smoke, no flames, no harsh odors — just an invisible barrier. In the words of one reviewer, “Anything that stops vampires is 10 stars for me, and this stops them. It doesn't smell. It doesn't make noise. It doesn't get hot. It just clears the mosquitos and only mosquitos.”


An Oversized Wooden Dice Game

You can’t very well go looking for the perfect backyard products without considering at least one jumbo yard game. And if your family loves playing Yahtzee on board game night, then “Yardkle” is the oversized outdoor lawn game for you. Each set comes with six supersized wooden dice, two large dry erase scoresheets, two marker pens, and a drawstring bag to store it all.


A Splash Pad You’ll Steal From The Kids

Could you just set up a standard sprinkler in the backyard and call it a day? Of course. Then again, you wouldn’t get the same wow factor you’ll get when you set up this wildly adorable palm tree splash pad. The tree is 60 inches high and the base is 70 inches wide, giving kids lots of space to splash around and stay cool in the heat of summer.


Somewhere For Fido To Relax

Don’t forget about everyone’s best friend when you’re planning your best backyard. An elevated dog bed, like this one, helps your pup stay cool when it’s hot out by allowing air to circulate beneath them. Plus, it keeps them off the ground when it’s wet outside. It’s sturdy (holding over 200 pounds) and easy to clean, too.


A Swinging Tree “Pod”

The moment your kid sees one of these pod swing seats is the moment from whence they’ll never stop asking for one. Save yourself the back-and-forth and just buy one or two for your backyard this summer. Available in eight colors, it’s easy to hang and holds up to 170 pounds.


A Three-Lane Slip & Slide

You’ve heard of a slip and slide... but have you heard of a triple-lane slip and slide? Your backyard will be the coolest place to hang out when you have one of these massive waterslides made for racing. The thick, industrial-grade PVC tarp makes this beauty durable enough to withstand all of the little bodies that will be flinging themselves on it every single sunny day.


The Solution To Your Yard Tool Clutter

Granted, when it comes to backyard products, this isn’t the sexiest addition. However, it will help corral all of the random yard and garden tools that seem to spill out onto your lawn all the time. No one needs that kind of clutter (or tripping hazard!). Although ideal for a garage, this corner caddy’s rust-free construction also makes it suitable for a corner of your deck or patio.


Flexible Tripod LED Lights

There’s something low-key brilliant about a portable security LED motion light. Need a security light somewhere you can’t install a permanent one? Here you go. Got a spot in your yard that your dogs like to go to when let out at night? This is just the thing. The flexible tripod means you can set this baby up practically anywhere, while the 13-foot detectable range and 100-degree field-of-view ensures you’ll get light where you need it, when you need it.


Pathway Lights You Can’t Knock Over

Raise your hand if you have a special talent for tripping over pathway lights (or, erm, maybe backing over them in the car). Yeah, same. That’s what makes these solar ground lights so perfect. The water-resistant stainless steel shell is designed to be recessed in the ground, so no more stakes to dodge. Also appealing? they’ll stay lit for eight to 10 hours at night after charging during the day.


Floating Lights To Dress Up Your Pool

Got a pool? You need these LED floating pool lights. They’re durable enough to toss around, making night swims even more fun. They’re 100% solar-powered, so you don’t have to worry about constantly swapping out batteries (or the batteries getting wet). And, most importantly, they’re really pretty.


Deck Lights That Cast The Prettiest Shadows

Some people like a truly basic deck light — one that provides simple illumination. But if you’re looking for something with a bit more style, these solar deck lights are the thing. After charging in the sun during the day, they illuminate for up to 10 hours at night, casting a beautiful sunburst pattern of light.