Backless Bras That *Actually* Give You Lift And Keep Your Boobs In Place

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by Jenn Sinrich
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Le Mystere Backless Convertible Bra

Backless bras, backless strapless bras, low-back bras, self-adhesive or sticky boobs: The options are so overwhelming. How can you find the best strapless (or backless, or lifting, or — well, you get the drill) bra for you? It’s no wonder that many of us have given up hope on finding the ideal specialty bra that can actually hold up our girls without needing extreme weather Duct Tape. Especially if you’re post-breastfeeding and are done with your nursing bras, you might think that you’re destined to wear matronly tops and dresses for the rest of eternity. Heck, you might not even know where to get backless bras anymore. But we’re here to say you can still enjoy plenty of fashion moments just like you did before — and we’ve got the undergarments to prove it.

You might not be hitting up the clubs like you did during your college days, but there are still reasonable excuses to wear a backless bra—hello weddings, graduations, anniversaries, girls getaways (you get it). For one, most formal gowns cry out for a backless bra. So the next time your friend asks you to be a bridesmaid or you have to attend another dreaded black-tie affair? You’ll be glad you have the perfect undergarment to keep yourself lifted.

Since finding a quality backless bra that lives up to its hype can feel like mission impossible, we went digging for the best bras that are not only backless but are comfortable to wear for a long night out and actually stay put (even with a nagging toddler trying to pull your top down). Below, find our top picks plus some helpful tips from a bra expert.

What To Look For In A Backless Bra:

We’ll be honest: Finding the right backless bra isn’t the easiest task. There are a ton of different styles all designed to appear hidden under that little black dress or super low halter top without causing you discomfort or adding back rolls or sad side boob. Or, all of the above. That’s why Jessica Pfister, VP of Le Mystere, says the most important quality in a backless bra is without-a-doubt support. “If the bra is an adhesive backless, it needs to support and stay in place,” she says. It makes a lot of sense.

But, support doesn’t look the same for every single gal. For example, an adhesive type of backless tends to be most useful for smaller busts. “If you are a full-busted size D or larger, and the outfit allows, I would definitely recommend a convertible low back bra as opposed to an adhesive bra.” This way, she explains, you’ll get the shaping and support needed to carry the weight of your bust.

Best Backless Bras For Large Busts

Did you ever think that a backless bra could actually be kind of cute? If you’re new to non-standard chest support, you may feel more comfortable with this Ybrazy design, which is made out of cotton and spandex. Feeling more like a standard bra may make you temporarily forget that it’s still being held up with adhesive. “This product worked well I am a 38D and I worried about my strapless dress for NYE, and these worked perfect for the 4 hours I had them on,” said one happy Amazon customer. “I recommended them to my friends.”

This low-cut backless bra gives support where it’s needed while showing as little as possible (which is next to nothing). The demi-cup is designed to cover only half the breast with a push-up style pattern that gives you a nice lift. The best part? It’s ultra plunging in the front too, which allows for low-cut dresses (think sweetheart) and summer tops. Since it’s a convertible bra, you can wear it in a variety of different ways, but the demi coverage is always flattering. It’s a great cut for size B-DD while not being “full” coverage.

Best Bras For Backless Shirts

Looking for a backless bra that you can stick on and seemingly forget about? This Niidor bra is a fan favorite on Amazon for good reason. With a small yet strong clip in front, you have more control of how your chest can appear in dresses and V-necks. Available in cup sizes A to G, this barely-there bra also comes in four different colors. “I have worn the bra over 15 times already and it is still sticky and working great!” one Amazon reviewer claims.

Let’s get real — not all of us are ready to wear small, barely there, adhesive bras. Sometimes, having that strap in the back will just make you feel more confident. And, that’s where the Capezio bra shines. With a transparent band in back, you can still wear backless or low-back dresses and tops with confidence. This bra, which also provides a nice amount of coverage in front, is made from 90% nylon and 10% Spandex.

Made out of silicone and nylon, this backless bra with a plunging front might actually be more comfortable than your standard everyday bra. The large gel areas will make you feel like your girls are in place. In sizes from A to DD, customers love this particular bra for its value. At less than $20, it’s a backless bra that’s far more affordable than some of the other brands. “It puts my chest in great form,” one Amazon reviewer said. “I like the beige one because it does not show through shirts.”

Best Strapless Backless Silicone Adhesive Adhesive Bras

The texture of these adhesives is so similar to your actual skin to the point that it’s a little freaky, but on the flip side it has the ability to make it look like you’re pulling the no-bra look under your backless outfit (how daring of you!). Think of it like a high-quality pastie that covers more than just your nipple (amen) and actually gives you some realistic-looking lift. How to: You scoop each breast into place and then use the adhesive bra cup as your support system. It’s reusable for up to 20 wears, which is just enough given its reasonable price tag.

These adhesive nipple covers might be small (they’re just 4 inches in diameter), but they put in some serious work, especially on a hot humid day when the last thing you want is a heavy, wet bra sticking to your body. These are much less about support than they are about coverage, so you may want to reserve them for a dress or an outfit that has some hemmed-in lifting ability. Choose your closest skin tone (creme? caramel? coco?) and then smooth them over nips for full coverage. Under that strapless dress that doesn’t need a lift but needs something-something— this is that something.

Okay, so it’s not silicone, but it is sticky. When all else fails (we mean ALL), opt for the red-carpet method of keeping boobs perky-looking and put in place: boob tape! This brand is beloved for its durability—it’s made from a fabric that’s 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex, so it’s stretchy and breathable too. It’s also waterproof and medical-grade adhesive, meaning it promises to hold up on those hot and humid days (or during those steamy-sweaty nights). You don’t have to be choosy with sizing— boob tape works well from A cups to E cups. The length you get with one purchase is 16.4 feet (2 inches wide) so it should last you at least a dozen wears. Bonus: It comes with nipple covers, too, so the actual tape doesn’t touch your nipples, those are protected yet still lifted along with everything else.

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