The 12 Best Fanny Packs For Moms — Because Hands-Free Is Always Winning

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It is a universally acknowledged truth that what is old is new again. You can call them waist bags, you can call them belt bags — by all means, do. (A rose by any other name is just as sweet.) But that is a fanny pack, sweetheart. The best fanny packs for moms are a special kind of breed. Of course, there must be an air of style to the fanny pack — moms gotta look good. But there must also be plenty of functionality because historically, we parents don't pack light.

And isn’t that the entire point of this polarizing accessory? Fanny packs carry all the things with the added benefit of hands-free living — crucial for a mom who’s chasing sugar-charged little ones through amusement parks (or grocery store aisles, for that matter). Plus, no longer are fanny packs bound to just the waist, they can also be worn cross-body for ultimate cool-mom status.

Either way, the literal weight of your world is no longer on your shoulders. Function wins every time and perhaps that’s the real reason we as a society — or, at the very least, as moms — just can’t quit the bumbag.

Ahead, 12 of the best fanny packs for moms. From stylish, cool-mom fanny packs to the ones that simply function to get the job done.


This Fan-Favorite Fanny Pack That’s Perfect For Travel

With more than 23,000 glowing reviews on Amazon, this best-selling pack is ready to log some miles. From the airplane to the amusement park and everywhere in between, this is the perfect pack for travel. It’s surprisingly large enough to fit your passport, phone, and sunscreen; even a water bottle. There’s a hidden pocket in the back for your valuables and a keyfob attachment to keep them safe (and easy to find). Plus, you might even hold on to this baby long after the suitcases are unpacked.

Helpful Review: “This is just what I was looking for. I am a sports mom, who needs my hands free to carry other things. I got tired of my crossbody purse..this fanny pack is perfect for the essentials, fits my phone, my small wallet, my ear buds, my keys and extra cash, no need for a purse.”

Available Colors: 33 | Available Sizes: 2


Editor’s Choice: An Embossed Croc Faux Leather Fanny Pack That’s Way Chic

If you’re looking for a cool-mom fanny pack that’s all about style, this faux leather bag is for you. It comes in six variations of colors and prints (from olive to snakeskin) and instantly elevates any outfit. Plus, at this price, it’s an excellent piece to test out the trend. It’s not the roomiest option on this list but it can hold your phone, keys, wallet, and some lip balm.

Editor Praise: “I love the versatility of this belt bag. I wear it in mom mode when I’m hauling a diaper bag and don’t want to carry another clunky bag. But then I also wear it when I’m just flying solo for a simple little accessory that makes me feel put together. I usually have to empty out the pacifiers and snacks first, but then bam, it’s ready for me to run errands with.” - Kate Miller, Scary Mommy Editor

Available Colors: 6 | Available Sizes: 1


A Fanny Pack Diaper Bag That Does It All

Minimalist mommas need a fanny pack diaper bag and this is the one. Designed by a mom of two, the bag functions to carry everything mom and baby require while keeping your hands free and providing a bonus “seat” of sorts to prop up baby’s bum. Let’s talk specifics: you’ve got a built-in waterproof pocket for wipes, a fold-out changing pad, some universal stroller straps, a large pocket for all baby essentials, a front pocket for parent essentials, and an interior clip for your keys or a pacifier. This fanny pack diaper bag is easy to wipe clean and comes in three colors.

Helpful Review: “Amazing. As a new mom you only see suggestions for gigantic diaperbags. Those are great sometimes, but when I go for a walk or to lunch I don’t need two outfit changes, diaper cream, 10 diapers, a blanket, two bottles, and on and on. I just need a diaper or two, some wipes, and a few little things like pacifiers or a toy. This is ideal and will be my go to shower gift from now on. Love that it holds my things in the front and has the changing pad for those sometimes questionable changing tables in public. This is glorious!”

Available Colors: 3 | Available Sizes: 1


A Stylish Genuine Leather Fanny Pack

This leather fanny pack keeps it stylish with genuine cowhide leather while boasting the functionality of so many pockets. Aside from the main pocket, you’ve got three zipper pockets on the front, two coin pockets on the side, and one hidden pocket across the back. It’s essentially the Mary Poppins carpet bag of leather fanny backs, its carrying power knows no boundaries. (Plus it is so cute.)

Helpful Review: “Haven't used a "fanny pack" since the '80's, lol. I like this one much better than I thought I would. [...] Is perfect for "hands free" shopping. How much junk do you need to take into the grocery store anyway? Easily holds phone(if you must have it), keys, your list, a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer, credit card/cash/ID......your OWN pen(!!). [...]. Liking it so much, I bought one for my Mom then, came back and bought it in "Black", too. [...] this little "pouch" is perfect for essential errand running. [...] Is a great value for the price and, incredibly useful!!! YaY!”

Available Colors: 45 | Available Sizes: 1 (sizes vary depending on style selected in listing)


This Iconic Checkerboard Vans Fanny Pack With Adjustable Strap

Sure, most moms aren’t dropping in at the skate park on a daily basis, but a fanny pack that can withstand all the ups and downs sounds good to us. A wide strap, a large main pocket, and durability through movement — just what a toddler-chasing mom needs. Of course, there’s nothing like that classic checkerboard design to make a style statement.

Helpful Review: “I liked it it is very comfortable”

Available Colors: 1 | Available Sizes: 1


A Simple Fanny Pack That Comes In So Many Colors

This simple, slim fanny pack is deceptive in its size. It’s a little bag that’s surprisingly roomy thanks to four pockets and an adjustable waist strap. Grab this one in literally any color (there are nearly 20 to choose from) and know that your goods will be kept safe thanks to the bag’s waterproof nylon structure. This non-bulky pack makes an excellent choice for both vacations and day-to-day errands.

Helpful Review: “Arrived in timely fashion and is exactly what I wanted. Very well made! It hold everything I need. Cell, keys, little makeup, [thick] wallet. Perfect for this mom on the go.”

Available Colors: 19 | Available Sizes: 1


A Lululemon Cool-Mom Fanny Pack With A Cult Following

That effortlessly stylish mom you saw at the park with a simple bag slung across her torso? Yeah, it was most likely this one. This Lululemon bag was made for moms on the move thanks to its simple, essentialized design. There’s a large exterior pocket that opens up to a slip pocket for your phone, as well as a smaller one to secure valuables. Rock this one at the park, the gym, the grocery store, or, just like the name says — everywhere.

Helpful Review: “It is the best to wear when going for walks or shopping. Your hands are free and so easy to wear.”

Available Colors: 1 | Available Sizes: 1


This Classic Fanny Pack For Under $10

The ‘80s mom vibes from this fanny pack are real. It’s not looking to riff on shape or design— it is what it is, no apologies. Just a simple, classic fanny pack. Reviewers love the lightweight pack for long walks when jackets or backpacks are too bulky. We love the price (you seriously cannot beat it) and the multiple color options.

Helpful Review: “Great bag, durable and lightweight. Perfect size for theme parks to store phone, keys, cash and more. Hold a lot but is still thin enough to not be uncomfortable and stick way out.”

Available Colors: 39 | Available Sizes: 1


A Trendy White Fashionable Fanny Pack With An Adjustable Belt

A long way from classic, this fanny pack is all about having fun with the trend. We love the striking white but this one also comes in loads of fun patterns and even a few holographic variations. It’s a spacious pack (one reviewer stashed two T-shirts in the main pocket), with an adjustable waistband. Plus, its durability can’t be matched.

Helpful Review: “[...]it fits quite a bit of stuff, like a regular sized water bottle, a portable charger, wet naps, hand sanitizer, some band-aids, and of course your phone. theres a little pouch on the back (the part that's going to touch you) that is perfect for keeping your ID, cards, some pantiliners and there will still be room for more. ive been grabbing this fanny pack for work and I have received so manycompliments on it.”

Available Colors: 24 | Available Sizes: 1


A Quality Herschel Fanny Pack With A Striped Lining

Fans of Herschel brand bags and accessories already know — the quality is sturdy and reliable. Herschel's iteration of a fanny pack lives up to the standards with a perfect cross between style and function. Choose from a variety of colors in 100% polyester with that classic striped lining. Reviewers love

Helpful Review: “Great quality. Have used daily replacing my purse. Perfectsize to carry what you need but not too much.”

Available Colors: 9 | Available Sizes: 2


A Fashionable Fanny Pack That Is Extra In The Best Way

Sometimes a mom just has to bling out and this is just the bag for it. You can wear it a number of ways. A wide strap attached for cross-body wear and a chain (!) allows you to perch it around your waist —the coin purse is just the cherry on top. But all those sparkling embellishments still leave room for plenty of functionality with a fashionable edge because this bag is roomy and wide. And you should know...there are shoes to match.

Helpful Review: “This awesome bag is a belt, shoulder and sports elegant large pocket bag. It can be worn with or without the sports strap. [...]I love this bag so much that I bought two. One lime with lime sneakers, and one multi blush. I like the multiple storage pockets and a large pouch that stores my iPhone and cased glasses with keys and makeup. You’re going to love it. And they are show stoppers. Soo many compliments”

Available Colors: 10 | Available Sizes: 1


A Sporty Nike Fanny Pack For Moms On The Go

Finally, this Nike fanny pack is everything you’d expect from the classic sports brand. Durable, reliable, and an air of cool that might even last from one fanny pack trend to the next. Grab it in a handful of different colors and wear it across the hips or the chest. It’s roomy, comfortable, and perfect for moms.

Helpful Review: “This is much larger than you expect it to be! I love it! It fits comfortably around my chest. I love the way it looks and the easy use of it as a new mom who pushes a stroller and is on the go.”

Available Colors: 5 | Available Sizes: 1

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