Need To Wax Your Lip, Brow, or Girl Parts? Do It At Home With These Easy And Painless (?) Kits

by Leah Melby Clinton
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Wax kits for waxing at home

Who has the time to go get a professional wax for hair removal these days? Any time-strapped mama knows the first rule of #momlife is that if an investment doesn’t save you time, it’s probably not worth it. That’s why home waxing kits are so amazing. If you can shave and see spiky regrowth within days OR wax and get twice the amount of smooth time, which would you pick? (Ding, ding if you answered the latter, waxing at home).

We tend to think of waxing as requiring a trip to the salon, a pipe dream for busy women who can’t always find the time to brush their teeth, much less keep an appointment with an aesthetician. Blissfully, it’s gotten just as easy to wax at home as it is to shave, with the best home waxing kits and best waxing strips now being easier to use and designed to tackle specific areas (yep, even your armpits). No more super sticky, crazy messy situations that make your toddler look like Marie Kondo. From your legs to your bikini area (ahem, swimsuit season is coming!), it’s time to lean into at-home hair removal.

Best At-Home Bikini Wax Kit

Best Waxing Kit For Face

Best Waxing Kit For Legs

Best Waxing Kit For Underarms

Best Waxing Kit For Eyebrows

Best Eco-Friendly Wax Kit

Best Wax Kit For Fine And Short Hair

Best Wax Kit For Thick, Coarse Hair

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