Calling All Sesquipedalians! 130+ Big Words To Enhance Your Vocabulary

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Big Words
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Language really is a beautiful thing. Just think about it — all around the world, people are using different languages to speak and communicate with each other. Language is so vast that we can even communicate thoughts and feelings solely by using our bodies. Expanding on your vocabulary is always a great thing, especially if you’re looking for new ways to get your point across. Big meaningful words shouldn’t be intimidating. Instead, these words should be embraced and used way more often. You’re not an egghead if you use different words to express yourself! Rather, you call that a sesquipedalian (aka lover of long words).

Writers love learning unfamiliar words, but so do kids. That means that language can be a blast and an excellent way to bond with your family. Your family can try to use fancy words every day as a challenge. Making those words positive is even better. Right now, our world needs every little bit of cheer it can get, right? So, here are some fun big words for good, words for beautiful, and — of course — the fanciest of words to express love.

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Big Words for Good

  1. Exceptional — unusually excellent; being out of the ordinary
  2. Positive — fully assured; having or showing a mind free of doubt
  3. Adept — very skilled; proficient
  4. Stupendous — astounding and marvelous
  5. Delightful — highly pleasing
  6. Favorable — winning approval; marked by impressive success
  7. Magnificent — great in deed, or exalted in place; impressive to the mind or spirit
  8. Quintessential — perfectly typical or representative of a particular kind of person or thing
  9. Marvelous — causing wonder; of the highest kind or quality
  10. Tremendous — notable by reason of extreme size, power, greatness, or excellence; being such may excite trembling or arouse dread, awe, or terror
  11. Commonsensical — sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or the facts
  12. Righteous — genuine, excellent
  13. Virtuous — having or exhibiting virtue; morally excellent
  14. Exemplary — deserving imitation because of excellence
  15. Immaculate — having or containing no flaw or error

Big Words for Beautiful

  1. Resplendent — shining brilliantly
  2. Statuesque — majestic dignity, grace, or beauty
  3. Pulchritudinous — physically beautiful
  4. Sublime — supreme or outstanding
  5. Beauteous — beautiful
  6. Ravishing — enchanting; entrancing
  7. Splendiferous — extraordinarily or showily impressive
  8. Ravishing — unusually attractive, pleasing, or striking
  9. Aesthetical — concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste
  10. Bewitching — powerfully or seductively attractive or charming
  11. Exquisite — pleasing through beauty, physical fitness, or perfection
  12. Captivating — charmingly or irresistibly appealing
  13. Comely — having a pleasing appearance
  14. Fetching — attractive, appealing
  15. Alluring — having a strong, attractive, or enticing quality
  16. Junoesque — imposingly tall and shapely
  17. Telegenic — very photogenic

Big Words for Smart

  1. Resourceful — able to deal skillfully with new situations
  2. Prompt — quick or alert
  3. Sagacious — having or showing keen mental discernment or judgment; shrewd
  4. Canny — astute and skilled
  5. Astute — very clever and sometimes cunning
  6. Intelligent — having or indicating a high or satisfactory degree of mental capacity
  7. Insightful — exhibiting or characterized by insight
  8. Perceptive — capable of exhibiting keen insight or sympathetic understanding
  9. Perspicacious — of acute mental vision or discernment
  10. Discerning — showing insight and understanding
  11. Knowledgeable — having or showing knowledge or intelligence
  12. Well-informed — having extensive knowledge, especially of current topics and events
  13. Enlightened — freed from ignorance and misinformation
  14. Comprehending — grasping the nature, significance, or meaning of something
  15. Ingenious — having or showing an unusual aptitude for discovering, inventing, or contriving

Big Words for Amazing

  1. Prodigious — wonderful or marvelous
  2. Astonishing — causing astonishment or surprise; amazing
  3. Astounding — capable of overwhelming with amazement
  4. Phenomenal — highly extraordinary or prodigious; exceptional
  5. Breathtaking — exciting, thrilling; very great, astonishing
  6. Extraordinary — going beyond what is regular or customary; exceptional to a very marked extent
  7. Sensational — exceedingly or unexpectedly excellent or great
  8. Awe-inspiring — that arouses awe
  9. Incomparable — eminent beyond comparison
  10. Indescribable — surpassing description
  11. Ineffable — incapable of being expressed in words
  12. Transcendent — extending or lying beyond the limits of ordinary experience; being beyond comprehension
  13. Wondrous — that is to be marveled at
  14. Majestic — having or exhibiting majesty
  15. Flabbergasting — overwhelming with shock, surprise, or wonder

Big Words About Love

  1. Devotion — earnest attachment to a cause, person, etc
  2. Adulation — excessive devotion to someone; servile compliments and flattery
  3. Allegiance — loyalty or devotion to a person, group, cause, or the like
  4. Amorousness — the act of being in love
  5. Amativeness — relating to or indicative of love
  6. Enamored — affected by strong feelings of love, admiration, or fascination
  7. Enchantment — the act or art of enchanting
  8. Reverence — honor or respect felt or shown
  9. Infatuated — filled with or marked by a foolish or extravagant love or admiration
  10. Affection — a feeling of liking and caring for someone or something; tender attachment
  11. Tenderness — gentleness and affection
  12. Besottedness — related to being blindly or utterly infatuated
  13. Canonize — to treat as illustrious, preeminent, or sacred
  14. Canoodle — to engage in amorous embracing, caressing, and passionate kissing
  15. Predilection — an established preference for something
  16. Fondness — affection for someone or something
  17. Endearment — a phrase that expresses love

Other Big Words to Use

  1. Elucidate — to explain or make something clear
  2. Selcouth — unusual, strange
  3. Halcyon — characterized by happiness, great success, and prosperity
  4. Orphic — mystic, oracular; fascinating, entrancing
  5. Malaise — physical discomfort or a general feeling of being under the weather
  6. Scintillating — something fascinating or brilliantly clever
  7. Ebullience — the quality of lively or enthusiastic expression of thoughts and feelings
  8. Quiddity — whatever makes something the type that it is; the essence
  9. Aeonian — lasting for an immeasurably or indefinitely long period of time
  10. Coruscate — to reflect or give off light in bright beams or flashes; sparkle
  11. Atelophobia — the fear of not doing something right or not being good enough
  12. Cimmerian — very dark or gloomy
  13. Adamancy — the quality or state of being adamant; obstinacy
  14. Evenfall — the beginning of evening, dusk
  15. Orgulous — proud
  16. Parsimonious — frugal
  17. Tantalizing — tormenting or teasing with the sight or promise of something unobtainable; exciting one’s senses or desires
  18. Teasing — in a sexual sense, it means to be sexually arousing
  19. Pulchritudinous — attractive or beautiful
  20. Bellwether — a leader, trendsetter, or boss
  21. Accoutrements — accessories
  22. Magnanimous — courageous, noble, unselfish, or extremely generous
  23. Unencumbered — free or unburdened with responsibilities
  24. Acumen — quickness to judge
  25. Unparagoned — having no equal; matchless, incomparable
  26. Osculator — someone who kisses
  27. Anomalistic — deviation or departure from the norm or rules; phenomenal, exceptional
  28. Usufruct — the right to use and enjoy the profits and advantages of something belonging to another
  29. Luminescent — something that displays light that is not caused by heat
  30. Auspicious — favorable, flourishing
  31. Winebibber — a person who drinks too much wine
  32. Excogitate — thinking of something carefully or thoroughly
  33. Gasconading — to brag or gloat
  34. Idiosyncratic — traits that belong to a person’s character
  35. Nidificate — to nest
  36. Cacophony — a loud, obnoxious blend of sounds
  37. Ennui — feeling simultaneously bored and annoyed
  38. Aquiver — feeling overcome with emotion
  39. Umbrage — displeasure, resentment, or anger
  40. Glib — suave or smooth-talking
  41. Ubiquitous — universal or everywhere
  42. Nefarious — wicked or criminal
  43. Capricious — whimsical, fickle, or careless
  44. Boondoggle — work or activity that is wasteful or pointless but gives the appearance of value
  45. Sycophant — a person who flatters someone important in order to take advantage of them
  46. Mellifluous — sweet or musical, pleasant to hear
  47. Brogue — a strong outdoor shoe, usually made of leather
  48. Intelligentsia — intellectuals who form an artistic, social, or political vanguard or elite
  49. Consanguineous — of the same blood or origin; someone who descends from the same ancestor
  50. Grandiloquenta lofty, extravagantly colorful, pompous, or bombastic style, manner, or quality, especially in language
  51. Psychotomimetic — relating to, involving, or inducing psychotic alteration of behavior and personality
  52. Perfidiousness — a betrayal of trust
  53. Preposterous — contrary to nature, reason, or common sense
  54. Anagnorisis — the point in the plot especially of a tragedy at which the protagonist recognizes his or her or some other character’s true identity or discovers the true nature of his or her own situation
  55. Circumlocution — the use of an unnecessarily large number of words to express an idea

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