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Your Ranch-Obsessed Kid Is Going To Lose It Over Cheez-It’s Tasty New Collab

TFW brands team up for the greater good of your taste buds.

Name your favorite childhood snack. Did you say Cheez-Its? Probably. And chances are Cheez-Its are still a go-to snack in your household. Whether you're hiding in the pantry sneaking handfuls by yourself or packing snacks for a road trip, you've got to have those classic, nostalgic, nuclear orange Cheez-Its in hand. Over the years, the company has cranked out over 50 different flavors and product varieties — but their new brand collaboration may just be the best yet. Enter Ranch Cheez-Its.

In partnership with Hidden Valley Ranch, Cheez-Its invites snackers everywhere to embark on the casual culinary experience of mixing two of the world's most popular flavors: ranch and cheese. As a bonus, the collab goes both directions with an extra cheesy Cheez-It-flavored Hidden Valley Ranch dressing.

Whichever way you twist the flavor combo, it just makes sense. And it sure as heck sounds like something your kid will go bonkers to try... and then continue requesting all summer long. And who are you to say no? After all, Cheez-Its are made with real cheese and offer a perfectly bold-flavored, crunchy snack for summer settings like the beach or boat.

What's so great about this flavor combo is that fans actually inspired the official collaboration. Maybe you've added ranch seasoning to your Cheez-It mix before, or perhaps someone you know makes them as their go-to party snack. If you've never gone to a party and found yourself shoving fistfuls of "crack crackers" into your mouth, you need new friends.

"Ranch fans never cease to amaze us with their creative twists on Hidden Valley Ranch," said CC Ciafone, marketing director at Hidden Valley Ranch. "When we caught wind of them combining the irresistible flavors of Hidden Valley Ranch with Cheez-It crackers, we were blown away. We couldn't be more thrilled to make this dream collaboration a reality!"

Ranch on crackers just makes sense. The two flavors are wildly popular in their own right. Cheez-Its are the go-to snack crackers for everything from lunches to poolside treats. And ranch-obsessed people put it on everything, even pizza. Cheez-It and Hidden Valley have taken the guesswork out of the combo in one fell swoop.

In an Instagram post, Cheez-It describes the Ranch-flavored crackers, saying, "Our Cheez-It Hidden Valley Ranch Cracker has a sharp white cheddar base packed with the bold, zesty twist of Hidden Valley Ranch's classic flavors — the ultimate flavor combo."

Even candy brand Smarties commented on the post, "She's beautiful."


The "Cheezy Ranch" dressing hit shelves at Walmart and Kroger in mid-spring and sells for $4.88 a bottle. Meanwhile, Cheez-It is having too much fun teasing the Cheez-It x Hidden Valley Ranch Crackers all over social media. You can pre-order them on their website, where they release a limited number of boxes daily.

If you aren't one of the lucky few who snag those boxes, don't despair — they should hit store shelves early in July, selling for $5.95 a box. The crossover crackers will be available for purchase at retailers online and in person. Check the "Where to Buy" locator on Cheez-It's website to find a retailer near you that carries them.

Whether you're shaking your salad with Cheezy Ranch dressing or munching on some pool-soaked ranch-flavored Cheez-It crackers, this is absolutely the summer of Cheez and Ranch.